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Baseball Injury Prevention

Many baseball athletes suffer from elbow and shoulder injuries caused by overuse of the muscles. Learn how you can prevent overuse injuries and stay in the game.

Martial Arts Injury Prevention

Martial arts vary in techniques, rules, and protective equipment used, so injuries that result from this sport can also vary. Learn how to best prevent injuries and keep the sport enjoyable.

Tips for a Safe Running Program

By creating a progressive running program, you can prevent injuries and stay safe on runs. Follow these tips to create a safe running plan for you and reduce the risk of injury.

Basketball Injury Prevention

Basketball players are most commonly at risk for injuries to the ankles, knees, and shoulders. Click the link below to learn how to avoid injury on the court.

Racquet Sports

Racquet sports are enjoyed by people of all ages but require quick pivots and speed. This quick change of pace and direction can lead to injuries of all kinds. Learn how to avoid injury and still enjoy the game.


Biking is a fun, healthy way to get exercise. Read these tips to stay safe while you ride.

Rowing Injury Prevention

Rowing requires the continuous use of the same muscles, which can easily lead to overuse injuries. It’s important to learn the cause of injuries and how to prevent future injury.

Rugby Injury Prevention

Rugby is an endurance based sport combined with contact and tackling, which creates potential opportunities for overuse and impact injuries. Stay safe on the field by following these injury prevention tips.

Cycling Injury Prevention

Cycling is a great way to exercise and have fun. Learn the different types of injuries that can be caused by cycling and how to prevent them from happening to you.


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