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Why Breakfast Is Still the Most Important Meal of the Day

Eating a healthy breakfast can improve work performance in adults and school results in students. Throughout a full night of sleep, the food consumed the previous day has been depleted and used for repair and regeneration. Eating breakfast...

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Fuel Winning Edge with Nutrition

If your athletes want to excel on the playing field, they need to consume the right nutrition. Providing nutrition advice for your athletes can help them make the most of...

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Strategies for Avoiding Pulled Muscles

A pulled muscle affects all of us, from the light activity-goers to the professional athletes. Though typically not a severe injury, a pulled muscle can nag and sideline you from your favorite sport or activity. Taking the correct steps to treat...

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Stress Fractures: What the Athlete Needs to Know

A stress fracture is a common sports injury, often occurring in weight-bearing bones, such as the tibia or the bones in the foot. There are typically only a few symptoms related to stress fractures: either a generalized area of pain and...

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Catastrophic Brain Injuries Hit All-Time High in High School Football

For each of the past 20 years, the number of football-related brain injuries resulting in permanent disability at the high school level has remained in the single digits. But now, experts say the tally has risen to as high as 13 in recent years,...

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Joint Pain at the Computer

Whether at work or home, those who sit at a computer extensively are prone to suffering aches and pains in their fingers,...

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5 Tips to Help Preserve Your Joints

With so many products on the market to help you reverse the effects of aging, it’s unfortunate that there are no creams or ointments available to reduce the pain you could feel as your joints age.  However,...

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Weight Loss = Pain Relief

Research shows that losing even a little weight can make a big difference in reducing joint pain.

For those with joint pain, often caused by ligament or cartilage damage, walking and most type of exercises exacerbate the pain;...

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Are You Ready for Joint Replacement?

The joint replacement doctors at Coastal Orthopedics say if you’re experiencing the following signs, you may be ready for a joint replacement procedure.

  • You...
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Minimally Invasive Procedures

A recent trend in surgery has nearly become standard. Read more to find out what makes a procedure minimally invasive and how it can benefit the patient.

Surgeries that are categorized as minimally invasive involve one or a few...

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