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Electrodiagnostic Testing

There are many tools that orthopedic doctors use to diagnose and analyze a patient’s needs. One of those tools is known as electrodiagnostic testing, which includes electromyography (EMG) as well as nerve conduction studies (NCS). These...

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Antibiotics After Joint Replacement

Patients who have joint replacement surgery can be at risk for developing infections around the implanted joint. That is why it is critical to avoid situations that may put you at risk, such as invasive dental work.

Once a strain of...

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Surgeon vs. Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

A physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist (physiatrist) differs from an orthopedic surgeon in that they only offer a nonsurgical approach to pain and injury treatment for a variety of diseases and conditions. Physiatrists typically treat...

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Football Kickoffs Have Highest Risk of Severe Injuries

According to a recent study, football injuries are most severe at the beginning of a game or during kickoff. When comparing injuries from the beginning of the game, middle of the game, and end of the game, those injuries sustained at the...

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The Role of a Physical Therapist

The field of physical therapy is very important to those patients who are seeking treatment to regain full range of motion following an injury, condition, or surgery. Physical therapists (PTs) are healthcare professionals who treat patients,...

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Lift Weights and Exercise Safely

Lifting weights can be an effective addition to any exercise or rehabilitation program. However, they need to be done safely and at a good pace for the best results. If you do not follow safety guidelines, serious injuries can occur, setting you...

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What Is the Function of a Physician Assistant?

You see them in many different types of doctor’s offices. They perform a wide variety of tasks and functions. With extensive schooling and years of experience in their respective fields, you might sometimes see them instead of your actual...

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Don’t Take Back Pain Lying Down

Four out of five people will experience low back pain at some point in their lives brought on by activity at work, home, or in sports. However, you can take action to prevent or minimize back pain and the disability that comes with it....

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Tips for Making Healthier Fast Food Choices

Fast food may be a cheap, convenient, and filling meal option, but even one fast food meal can pack enough calories, sodium, and fat for an entire day or more. Eating fast food on a regular basis can lead to a variety of health problems, but as...

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Pain from Shoes and Purses?

Shoes and purses are functional and fashionable, but they also can be unlikely sources of pain for women. What type of injuries can occur and what are some simple steps you can take to avoid injury?



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