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Keeping Your Muscles Healthy in the Winter

The cold weather may make you dread your workout, but packing away your workout gear and waiting for the warm weather to come back is not the solution. It is important to keep your muscles active year round. Here are a few tips to keep your...

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About Trigger Finger

Trigger finger is a condition that limits finger movement by locking before popping out straight. Flexor tendons control the movements of the fingers and the thumb by extending...

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5 Tips to Stay Fit This New Year

With the New Year here, many people are looking to get healthier with resolutions to become more active. Whether you chose to join a competitive sport, get a membership at a local gym, or participate in a recreational activity, becoming more...

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How to Be Safe on New Year’s Eve

We’re days away from ushering in a new year, and as most, we’re planning on celebrating with our friends and family on New Year’s Eve. Sometimes we get caught up in the excitement of the holiday and forget how to be safe, from...

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Dance Injuries: Types, Causes, and Prevention

The debate on whether dance is a sport can be controversial, but one thing that is indisputable is that injuries occur while dancing. In fact, dancers have the same amount of risk for an injury as a football player. Learn what types of injuries...

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Osteoporosis Strikes Younger Than You’d Think

Osteoporosis affects 10 million Americans. When left untreated, it can result in fractures, most commonly of the wrist, ...

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Hip Surgery for the Elderly

Hip Surgery May Be Okay for Patients Over 80

Hip replacement surgery patients who are 80 or older are just as good of candidates as those 70 and younger, according to results of a study published in The Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery....

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Electrodiagnostic Testing

There are many tools that orthopedic doctors use to diagnose and analyze a patient’s needs. One of those tools is known as electrodiagnostic testing, which includes electromyography (EMG) as well as nerve conduction studies (NCS). These...

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Antibiotics After Joint Replacement

Patients who have joint replacement surgery can be at risk for developing infections around the implanted joint. That is why it is critical to avoid situations that may put you at risk, such as invasive dental work.

Once a strain of...

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Surgeon vs. Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

A physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist (physiatrist) differs from an orthopedic surgeon in that they only offer a nonsurgical approach to pain and injury treatment for a variety of diseases and conditions. Physiatrists typically treat...

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