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What You Should Know About Bursitis

The condition known as bursitis occurs when the fluid-filled sacs, or bursae, located between a tendon and skin or between a tendon and bone, become inflamed. It can cause pain and tenderness in the area, and it can make movement very difficult....

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Eliminating Low Back Pain for Good

The most common causes of low back pain are strains and sprains of the lumbar muscles, but what is the difference between a strain and a sprain?

A strain occurs when the muscle fibers are abnormally stretched or torn; whereas, a sprain...

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Herniated Discs Can Be a Pain in the Back

A herniated disc is the rupture of a spinal disc, which is the soft cushion that sits between each vertebrae of the spine. When the disc ruptures, a small part of the spinal disc is pushed outside its normal boundary, and the spinal nerves and...

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Posture 101

Spine and neck pain will afflict nearly 80 percent of Americans at some point in their lifetime. The spine doctors at Coastal Orthopedics say one of...

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Treating Shoulder Instability

The shoulder is composed of the shoulder blade (scapula), collarbone (clavicle), and upper arm bone (humerus). With two joints, the glenohumeral and acromioclavicular, the shoulder is widely...

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Footwear for Black Friday

Stores drastically roll back their prices for one day only, Black Friday. The biggest shopping day of the year can be stressful, exhilarating, and downright exhausting. You are on your feet...

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Should You Ice or Heat an Injury?

Ice packs and heating pads are among the most commonly used treatments in orthopedics. So which one is the right one to use for your injury, ice or heat? And how long should the ice or heat treatments last? Read on for information about treatment...

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Holiday Decorating Safety Tips

‘Tis the season to start decorating your homes for the holidays! Did you know that ladder-related injuries are on the rise this time of year? The following information can help you avoid ladder injuries this season.


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Why would I need a cortisone shot?

In many instances of shoulder bursitis, arthritis, tennis elbow, or carpal tunnel syndrome, cortisone shots are often a prescribed medication. But what is cortisone and how does it...

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Diet and Exercise Mistakes That Are Aging You

Do you sometimes wake up and feel like you “don’t look or feel good?” Good nutrition and exercising is a fundamental building block for healthy skin and a healthy body.

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