Golf Injuries More Common Than Thought

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Golf isn’t the first sport that comes to mind when thinking about injured athletes, but the number of golf-related injuries our doctors actually treat might surprise you. From the professional golfer to the casual weekend golfer, aches and pains in the lower back, elbow, shoulder, and hand can affect your game or keep you at home.

Golf injuries can occur from overuse, improper technique, or in a sudden movement during a swing. The weekend golfer is more likely to suffer an injury than a professional golfer because of improper technique. This golf season, take some preventative measures to avoid injuries while on the links from Coastal Orthopedics.

  • Elbow injuries are common. To avoid them, strengthen your forearm muscles by squeezing a tennis ball, doing wrist curls and reverse wrist curls.
  • Before starting a round of golf, warm up your muscles by stretching to avoid soreness and strain after the game.
  • Strengthen and condition your entire body. Being in peak physical shape is the best advice for avoiding and recovering from an injury.
  • Slow your swing so that there will be less shock in the elbow and shoulder when you hit the ball and to avoid straining your back.
  • Take lessons from a golf instructor to perfect your stance, swing, and technique to prevent injury.
  • Make sure your clubs are the correct length and are a comfortable fit for you.

If you have more questions regarding safe practices while playing golf, call the physicians at Coastal Orthopedics at (843) 484-0976. Click here to learn more about our orthopedic specialists.