Avoid Injuries This High School Season

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As the high school season kicks off, the risk of acquiring an injury increases. Sprains and strains, fractures, and muscle pulls are all common sports-related injuries that may keep athletes on the sidelines for weeks or even months. Avoid injury and remain in the game by following some precautionary measures.

Most of the time, young athletes have a tendency to play through their pain and injury, causing the injury to worsen. Muscle and bone injuries should never be overlooked. Young athletes’ bones and joints are still developing. For instance, irregular growth patterns in the bone, muscle, or tendon leave the athlete vulnerable to injury. Untreated injuries can result in permanent damage or disease, such as osteoarthritis. If athletes are injured on the court or field, they should stop playing and get evaluated immediately.

Here are several preventative measures from the sports medicine physicians at Coastal Orthopedics for avoiding sports-related injuries:

  • A physical examination should be conducted before athletic activity begins, including a general exam and an orthopedic exam that entails the reexamination of past bone and joint injuries.
  • Student athletes should be in proper physical condition before participating in sports, focusing on muscular strength and endurance as well as cardiovascular fitness.
  • The appropriate protective gear should be worn in practices and during competition.
  • Athletes need to stretch their muscles and warm up before any game or practice.
  • Athletes should make sure to drink water frequently to prevent muscle cramping and dehydration.

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