Avoid Gardening Injuries This Spring

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Spring is here, which means preparation for your garden has begun! Gardening is a popular hobby though over time it can take a toll on your body. Maintaining and creating your dream garden can require repetitive bending, kneeling, reaching, and twisting, resulting in putting an extensive amount of strain on your muscles and joints. Aches, pains, and soreness are common conditions the physicians at Coastal Orthopedics provide treatment for. With people spending so much time raking, digging, and planting, injuries are bound to happen. Listed below are some helpful tips to keep you pain-free and in your garden.

  • Before gardening, take a short walk and do some light stretching to warm up your muscles.
  • Don't try to do too much, too quickly. Pace yourself and spread your workload over a few days.
  • Avoid bending. Kneeling instead of bending will place less strain on your back, but remember to wear kneepads for extra comfort.
  • Staying in one position for long periods of time puts stress on your muscles and joints. Always remember to keep moving to avoid overworking specific areas of the body.
  • Always be cautious on how you are lifting. When carrying heavy loads, hold objects close to your body and when lifting, lift with your legs not your back.
  •  To protect your skin, use sunscreen with an appropriate SPF level for your skin type or wear a wide-brimmed hat.

If you think you injured yourself while gardening, please call (843) 484-0976 to schedule an appointment with a physician at Coastal Orthopedics.