Two success stories from our outpatient joint replacement program

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Using advances in anesthesia, pain management, and surgical techniques, Dr. Peter Ramsey performed outpatient hip replacement procedures on both Brian Lazar and DuPree Atkinson at Carolina Bone & Joint Surgery Center. Now, both men—who were completely debilitated by osteoarthritis of the hip—are back to their families, jobs, and hobbies. This new program has many benefits, including increased patient satisfaction due to at-home recovery, reduced risk of infection, and reduced cost.

Brian Lazar, a very active 43-year-old from Myrtle Beach, was severely impacted by early-onset osteoarthritis in his left hip. He was the first outpatient hip replacement patient at Carolina Bone & Joint Surgery Center. “I have undergone over twenty surgeries, and this was by far the easiest one. I used a walker for one day and a cane for two days, but after that, I was walking without assistance! I had my surgery on a Monday, and by that Saturday, I was able to walk a mile and lift weights,” said Lazar. “Dr. Ramsey is undoubtedly the best surgeon I’ve ever had. From his advanced skills and techniques to his incredibly personable bedside manner, I am beyond thankful!”

DuPree Atkinson, a 62-year-old farmer from Mullins, suffered from debilitating arthritis pain in his hip for two years, unable to sleep or perform tasks needed to tend to his farm. Regarding his experience, Atkinson said, “My wife was in hospital administration for 20 years and was amazed at how thorough Dr. Ramsey and his staff were. They told us everything we would need to know, understood my entire medical history, and came to our home to make sure it was ready for my postoperative recovery. I was 100% comfortable going into this surgery. Three days after surgery, I was already back to work. Being a farmer, I need to crawl, climb, and move around, and I am able to do those things again.”

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