Area’s first full body MRI surgical lead for spinal cord stimulation utilized

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Dr. William Mills of Coastal Orthopedics recently implanted the first full-body MRI surgical lead for spinal cord stimulation in the area. This new, FDA approved product allows recipients to have full-body MRI scans post-operatively, unlike traditional spinal cord stimulation implants.

Spinal cord stimulation is a treatment used for patients suffering from chronic pain. Previously, only the head and extremities could have an MRI scan after the procedure; however, over 80 percent of patients will need an MRI within five years of receiving the implant. Therefore, the new Medtronic MRI surgical leads are advantageous because patients can have full-body MRI scans after a spinal cord stimulation procedure.

“Only a handful of these operations have been completed in the state, and I am excited to be performing this innovative procedure for my patients,” says Dr. Mills. “Being able to have MRI scans on the whole body after implantation is such a major advancement in spinal cord stimulation and gives the patient, and me, peace of mind.”

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