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  • The repetitive use of the tendons and ligaments surrounding your wrist could result in the pinching of a nerve or inflammation around your wrist joint. These two symptoms are better known as carpal tunnel and wrist tendonitis.

    Wrist tendonitis, also known as tenosynovitis, is characterized by the irritation and inflammation of the tendons surrounding the wrist joint. The wrist has tendons that cross over each other and the bone. When those tendons thicken and constrict from overuse, making movement of the tendons difficult and painful, often times the result is tendonitis.


  • We are very excited to announce that Brynn Latterner will be joining our team as our newest clinical manager!

  • Dr. William Mills of Coastal Orthopedics recently implanted the first full-body MRI surgical lead for spinal cord stimulation in the area. This new, FDA approved product allows recipients to have full-body MRI scans post-operatively, unlike traditional spinal cord stimulation implants.

    Spinal cord stimulation is a treatment used for patients suffering from chronic pain. Previously, only the head and extremities could have an MRI scan after the procedure; however, over 80 percent of patients will need an MRI within five years of receiving...

  • Andrew Wade, information technology manager at Coastal Orthopedics, recently graduated with his master of business administration degree.

    Wade attended Coastal Carolina University and was selected as the Outstanding Student in Master Business Administration for 2015 – 2016. As the top student in his class, he graduated with a 3.97 GPA and was inducted into Beta Gamma Sigma, a business honor society.

    “It has been an incredible learning experience to complete my MBA,” says Wade. “The opportunity to gain knowledge and skills to assist in my career has...

  • Coastal Orthopedics’ patients now have access to lumbar epidural steroid injections through two specialty-trained doctors: Dr. Erkan Alci and Dr. Erin Watson. Dr. Alci of Coastal Orthopedics recently completed additional training in this noninvasive treatment.

    Lumbar epidural steroid injections are used to treat spine pain and spine-related lower extremity pain. The steroid that is injected reduces inflammation around the nerve that is pinched or inflamed and causing pain. This helps to relieve or...

  • Conway local James Munshower was experiencing back pain that was limiting his daily activities. He visited Dr. Erin Watson, physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist at Coastal Orthopedics, who recommended Munshower try radiofrequency ablation.

    Radiofrequency ablation uses radio waves to heat and disrupt pain signals from the nerves that are causing discomfort. It is used to treat several different conditions and was first documented in 1931; however, radiofrequency ablation has become a common treatment for back pain over the past 15...

  • Our nurse practitioner, Tasha Lee, D.N.P., F.N.P.-B.C., O.N.P.-C., recently had her article on osteoarthritis published by The Clinical Advisor. 

    To read the full story, click here.

  • Stephanie Jo Beck now has her active lifestyle back thanks to the anterior lumbar interbody fusion (ALIF) procedure performed by William L. Mills, M.D.
    After injuring her back in 2009, Beck found that daily activities became difficult, her motion was restricted, and she experienced constant pain and numbness in her legs. She chose to have the ALIF procedure performed in April of 2014 by Dr. Mills. 
    Dr. Mills says that the advantages of the minimally invasive procedure...
  • J. Stewart Haskin, Jr., M.D., hand and wrist surgeon at Coastal Orthopedics, has retired from practice after providing orthopedic care to residents of Conway and the surrounding communities for more than three decades.

    Dr. Haskin joined Coastal Orthopedics in 1984 and has been dedicated to diagnosing and treating area patients’ bone, joint, and muscle injuries and conditions for the past 32 years.

    “It has been an honor to treat patients from Conway and the surrounding areas for the past 32 years. I truly value the...

  • Peter Ramsey, M.D., fellowship-trained adult reconstruction surgeon, has taken on the role of practice president at Coastal Orthopedics in Conway, South Carolina.

    Coastal Orthopedics is the leading orthopedic practice in the region and has been run under the guidance of an executive board since its founding in 1983. Dr. Ramsey is succeeding Dr. Ross Taylor as practice president, who retired from orthopedic practice in August.

    “I am proud to be serving my community and colleagues as practice president,” says Dr. Ramsey....