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William L. Mills, M.D.

Verified Patient Rating: 4.86 (79 patient reviews and ratings)

The following are reviews from patients of Dr. Mills.

“I am a 67 year old white male, married and have 2 children, a wife and 2 dogs, plus we have a 98 year old live in grandparent to take care of.; needless to say my hands are full. 2.5 years ago while on a business trip to Atlanta (GA) I got dehydrated and while I recovered from that ailment, I have had pains on my legs and feet, which some Doctors stated were from Diabetic Neuropathy. This diagnosis proved wrong with blood tests and I was sent to Orthopedic Doctor in my area, who checked me out using X-Rays and MRI studies and determined that the 5 lower vertebrae were compressed somewhat, but saw no problems; well he moved away (out of state) to get morne money and I was left with nobody and still had the pain. I went to a Rheumatologist who checked whatever they check and basically said take 2 aspirin and call me in the morning. Then I went to Oncologist/ Hematologist and he tested me with 1 test costing over $7,000; he told me I was POK, except I had a blood issue called Leiden Factor 5 which was deficient. This means my blood clotted quickly, so I should be careful about clots. Then I went to a Neurologist and after finding nothing wrong, he recommended blood transfusions (this is true); me feet, legs and lower back still hurt., but the insurance would not pay the $15,000 a month cost. I even went to one of those witch doctor pain clinics who advertise in the Sunday paper over in Columbia and this guy said he could help by giving me injections of some concoction he mixed up and I said NO. A few weeks later, I read in the State newspaper, he had injected 3 people and they were in the hospital; later 1 died and he went to jail. Boy am I glad that I kept walking. Still in pain, from my feet, legs, hips and lower waist, I decided to start over. Was sent to a local Podiatrist, who after examination, sent me to a different Orthopedic Doctor in Conway. Dr. William MIlls is located in the Conway Medical Center and I was impressed from day 1, with their electronic forms program, to their level of friendliness. After a series of X-Rays and MRI's, he determined the lower 5 vertebrae were compressing and scheduled me for an injection of antibiotics and steroids. This was done to my lower back in 5 places and by the next day the pain was 85-90% gone. I still have the feeling in my feet of walking on cotton, but the pain related to sitting, standing, walking and general movement. After 2 1/2/ years of pain, wasting time driving around and getting nothing but more bills, this change of Doctors is the best thing that I have experienced. I highly recommend to anyone in pain.”
– Hubbard C.
“I was suffering awfully with neck and shoulder pain. A great friend referred me to Dr. Billy Mills. I was immediately seen, had x-rays taken, diagnosed and a method of treatment was recommended. I had seen 4 other orthopedic and neurological surgeons and was not convinced that the old fashioned way, with screws and cages, was the way to go. Dr. Billy showed me a video of a newer, more permanent procedure, and it sold me. Immediately after surgery the pain was gone. No more pills, no more sleepless nights, and most importantly no more pain.”
– Adam P.
“I first met Dr. Mills in 1992 when he first arrived. I knew him when he was single and had hair. He brought his "then" baby girl Carolina with him to the hospital to check on me after he did my 4th spinal surgery. I have entrusted Dr. Mills with my spinal care for over 20 years. I have spoken very highly of him when talking with other people needing surgery or searching for a doctor. He has always been up front and professional and his level of care and concern are exceptional. Angela Lane, his nurse and other right hand has also been wonderful, a credit to her profession and care. And I can honestly say that this Lady deserves a raise or commendation fo her years of service to Dr. Mills and Coastal Orthopaedics. Coastal Orthopaedics has always been exceptional from care through to financial aid. But I tell you this right now....do whatever you have to do to keep Dr. Mills and Angela at Coastal Orthopaedics, because you have 2 of the most exceptional people I have ever had the pleasure of being around. Dr. Mills is straight up honest and he is not one to just give out drugs and send you on your way. He invests time with his patients and that is something that has failed through the years if medical care, because it seems as if it is more on the business end than the caring end and Dr. Mills has kept that through his years as a surgeon...while others have thrown it out the window. People NEED to know their doctor will take time with them. Dr. Mills does just that. The staff are exceptional in dealong with the financial end of Coastal Orthopaedics and that relieves many burdens on patients who need care but can't pay up front completely. Stay on this path. Don't lose your ability or desire to really care and to show it. If you polled all of Horry County on what they would like to see in the medical field...it would be....Doctors who spent the time with patients in the exam room....communication...talking so the patient understands...and not look at them like they are just another pay check. That is what Dr. Mills gives to his patients. He does not walk on water.....but he sure stays a float.”
– Julia T.
"I have had back pain for so long, that I don't really remember not hurting. Doctor Mills, the staff at Coastal Orthopedics, and the staff at CMC did great. Doctor Mills is an Excellent surgeon. Just did my disc replacement on August 9th, and I haven't felt this good in twenty-five years. Thank you so much!" – Robert C. 
"I had a pleasant experience and was treated with kindness and my problems were explained thoroughly to me and what my treatment would be. So far, my treatment has worked out well and my pain has been greatly reduced." – Felicia M. 
"My wife and I go here and I will say that without a doubt these folks are the best. Dr. Mills and Dr. Ramsey are tops in their field. Their staff is great and that don't really give them due credit. Haven't visited any of the other doctors but I am sure they are just as good. We feel totally confident here thanks to all." – Kenneth S.
"Dr. Mills told me exactly what needed to be done and answered all of my questions." – Teresa D.
"I went to Dr. Mills for a second opinion after being in pain for months. After reviewing the initial MRI, he immediately sent me for a new one to reevaluate my condition after six months since the first MRI. After finding my condition had worsened he informed me that he would be able to perform a surgery that would improve my way of life. The surgery he was referring to was an ALIF surgery to correct my condition of three herniated disc and lack of Cartlidge between my vertebrae's which had become bone on bone.The surgery was performed with an incredible team of doctors and I am well on my way to a remarkable and speedy recovery. Within a week of your surgery I was able to walk 2 miles and have High hope's for reestablishing my active way of life. . ." – Bryan M. 
"After 10 plus years dealing with neck/shoulder pain...I just had Cervical fusion C6/C7 surgery with Dr. Mills and his team. I am happy to write this review 2 weeks later...I am feeling great! Dr. Mills and his staff are the BEST. Expect a no-nonsense straight to the point discussion, and quick easy process if you follow his program. While still a little stiff after 2 weeks, it's crazy how sometimes I forget that I just had a major surgery because I feel so good. Don't put off this surgery...it's not a big deal. You'll wonder why you didn't get it done sooner. I'm glad I did." – Rainier 
"I saw Dr. Mills for my back pain. He ordered an MRI and we went over it and he scheduled me with what I needed to do and what to take. He is very professional. He is knowledgeable and very sincere. I would highly recommend him." – Debbie L.  
"I have had to have 2 back surgeries and so far they have both been a success. Dr. Mills has an AWESOME group working with him.  Without them, I don't know where I would be now. They are always there to guide and he help you in any way, I  will always go back to Dr. Mills should I ever have to have any back issues come up." – Helen S.
"My heart-felt appreciation to surgeon William L. Mills, MD, the medical orthopedic team,  assistants, nurses and all personnel at the Spine Center, Coastal Orthopedics, Conway Medical Center, in Conway, South Carolina.   Before my laminectomy, I experienced unbearable pain due to a spinal misalignment, herniated disc and pinched nerve from L5 to S1 vertebrae.  I could not find relief from excruciating pain, numbness, tingling and violent cramping down left leg from buttock to bottom of left foot .  Everyday normal standing, walking, sitting and sleeping was painful. April 21, 2016 post surgery results:  Entire left leg pain free! I was at CMC for two nights and sent home with a low dose pain prescription. After surgery, I felt tremendous relief and actual good thoughts about the slight awareness of stitches, 29 tiny staples, short rods and screws under one bandage. For me, a time to celebrate.  I will soon be stepping into my normal life activities. Thanks again, William L. Mills, MD. Fellowship-trained Spine Surgeon and the medical team at CMC. I am also grateful for the superior orthopedic services available and convenient right here, in our Myrtle Beach, South Carolina area. As one advances in age, so does the meaning of having family close by who do not have to travel great distances for grandma's major surgery." - Jeanette T.
"Great time. Both Dr.s sat down and went through everything thoroughly. Very pleased." – Russ V.
"I only met with Dr. Mills twice but he was professional, sincere and caring. He was candid with me and said it was possible that my neck pain could go away on its own without intervention, which it did, thankfully. I would go back to Dr. Mills if needed. The whole staff was very professional and pleasant as well." – Lisa M.
"Great experience. Glad I had the surgery. Could barely walk before but I feel great now and back to all normal activities." – Rosalie R. 
"Dr. Mills has been my spinal surgeon for 20 years. I knew him when he had hair and no children. You have a very gifted surgeon in Dr. Mills. He is always learning the newest surgical techniques to provide his patients with the most up to date procedures and ease of recovery. He cares....period. He is firm in his belief of fitness over drug distribution and he stands firm on that, and that is a quality most doctors  do not have these days. He discloses everything with his patients from first visit to last. He is a not just an honorable surgeon, he is an honorable man and his nurse Angel does not come any better than her. They are a team of many years and she knows his steps before he takes them." – Julia T.  
"Dr. Mills has done surgery on me twice and fixed my problem both times" – Tracy O. 
"I couldn't walk more than 25 feet prior to surgery. Dr. Mills explained what he was going to do to fix me and then he did what he said he would do. My surgery was in November and I was told it would probably be April before I was back to normal. I went for my second follow up in January and was told I was doing so well that they released me to go back to my normal activities, which includes playing golf again! I feel great and have nothing but praise for Dr. Mills, his staff, and the hospital." – James L. 
"I really can not wait to get back to Dr. Mills and his staff. I will be back late June. The experience I had with the doctor and staff is greatly appreciated! I had back surgery in September of 2014. The doctor and staff took care of me before and after. Anytime I have a question or concern they are always there to help. Like I said their knowledge and expertise is amazing! Thank you, will be seeing you in June. Best regards to all." – Mary
"I was referred to Dr. W. Mills by my primary care physician for ongoing neck and arm pain. The staff at Coastal Orthopedics was professional, caring and knowledgeable. After trying alternatives to surgery, it was finally agreed upon that surgery was needed. Dr. W. Mills spent considerable time with me and my husband explaining the procedure. His patience and understanding were greatly appreciated. Pre-op care, hospital stay, and post-op care all were provided by caring professionals. I am now pain free, have no restrictions and back to being my active self. Thank you, Dr. W. Mills and staff!" – Betty 
"Dr. Mills and his staff were very kind and caring. He replaced discs in my neck and did an outstanding job. I would not hesitate to have him perform any type of procedures in the future. His bedside manner and all patient care on me was phenomenal. I couldn't have asked for a better surgeon. Thank you Dr. Mills and all of your staff." – Tonja S. 
"I had been experiencing severe pain in my right heel. The pain was so bad that I was unable to walk in the mornings or after sitting for more than a half hour. I tried different shoes and insoles to no avail. Dr. Mills agreed to see me (his daughter and my daughter were taking gymnastics together). He asked very specific questions to determine the best treatment for my particular need. Dr. Mills was professional, compassionate and thorough. He really, truly cares about people. He treated me more like a friend than a patient. After his exam, he treated me for plantar fasciitis. I heeded his advice and bought good shoes and quality insoles. I haven't had the pain return. Thank you Dr. Mills and staff, my quality life is much better now." – Reginald A.   
"I broke my ankle on the same day my husband was seeing Dr. Mills and even though I did not have any insurance they said " we will see you and work with you". Everyone has been wonderful and have let me make payments on my bill. We highly recommend the doctors and staff at Coastal Orthopedics. My husband had back surgery with Dr. Mills and is in less pain than he has been in 25 years. He was up walking in less pain the day after surgery and left the hospital that day." – Elizabeth H. 
"I was very pleased with Dr. Mills. He was very kind, compassionate and caring. He did not rush me and answered all my questions. I would definitely recommend Dr. Mills to a friend." – Marlene P. 
"Back is better, meds are working! Yeah!!! Life can return to NORMAL. Blessed!!" – Susan B. 
"I fell 25 years ago down a 30 ft air conditioning shaft and did damage to my whole spine at the age of 38. I have suffered with the pain and have been unable to work since. Meds didn't help, except to take the edge off the pain. Doctors would look at my MRIs and just tell me my back was a mess and there was nothing they could do. I basically became a hermit due to the pain and was unable to stand, sit, or walk for any length of time. My wife and I came to visit some friends in Conway this past winter because the cold made me so much worse in Michigan. He had XLIF surgery 10 months before and the change was amazing. He had no pain, except when he would overdo it out in his wood working shop on a project and that was rare. Oh, I didn't tell you he is 84 yrs old. Before the surgery, he wasn't able to go out there for more than a few minutes. Anyway, he kept telling us to try and go see Dr. Mills, so we finally did. We are now thanking God everyday for our friends pushing us to go see him. Dr. Mills preformed XLIF surgery on my lumbar spine and I was up walking the halls the next day and in less pain than I had been in in 25 years. You are a miracle man, Dr. Mills, and we are so thankful to you for giving me back my life. I still have 1, maybe 2, more surgeries for him to fix my neck and possibly an area in the TSpine, but I am so looking forward to them so that hopefully with Dr. Watson's help also, I can finally be off all pain meds. Between Dr. MIlls skill and procedure and Dr. Watson helping to control the rest of the pain, my wife feels she has a new husband. We can go for walks together, socialize with friends, go camping, and other things I have hurt too bad to do in years. It is amazing to have a life again.Thank you, Dr. Mills for giving me my life back. I can't wait to come back in October for my neck surgery. God bless you and your staff." - Don H.
"After having to wait many months to see a doctor regarding a back problem due to circumstances beyond my control, I was finally able to be seen by Dr. Mills and his staff. The physical and emotional relief from pain began right away. I began a series of medicinal/spinal blocks from Dr. Erin Watson and physical therapy treatments to see if that would solve my problem. Unfortunately, I ultimately had to have surgery. But again, they all made it so easy for me before, during, and after surgery. All of my post-op visits went extremely well. Even when I experienced some pain and had to be seen,  Shan Fu, P.A., was able to get me in and address all of my needs and concerns. I did a lot of research before having surgery because the thought of having back surgery is pretty intimidating, but I feel very fortunate to have been treated by the team at Dr. Mills office. Every team member, from the receptionist to the nursing staff to the administrators, always went above and beyond to help. I would not hesitate to send anyone there for help or if I have any issues in the future I know right where I'm going. Thank you all so very much for everything." - Mike H
"I first saw Dr. Mills for an aching back in 2013. I had x-rays done and showed no signs of problems. In 2014, I had an MRI taken, which showed spinal stenosis and a herniated disc at L5/S1. At first, I did not want surgery, so I got second opinions from other doctors who pulled my chain and tried to make the situation out to be less severe than it really was. I lived in constant pain for 5+ years and it seemed that no conservative treatment options were working for me. I then decided to have Dr. Mills complete my surgery that he recommended, which was an ALIF procedure at the L5/S1 level. Up until my surgery date, I was absolutely terrified. I had massive panic attacks and anxiety. On the day of my surgery, I went in to CMC and the nurses took really good care of me and my anxiety and eased my mind. The next thing I remembered was waking up in recovery. I started feeling a LOT better! The pain I had been going through for many years was GONE! Dr. Mills, being the excellent doctor he is, FIXED MY PROBLEM! I am now 1 week post-op while writing this and I feel amazing considering what I had done to my body a little over 1 week ago today. I am able to walk and do my daily activities, but with some major restrictions to make sure I do not reinjure my back or anything. Of course, I still have surgical related pain, but that will heal. What is amazing is the fact that the pain I had experienced for so many years, pain I thought I'd have for rest of my life, is gone! THANKS DR. MILLS! I would recommend this amazing doctor to ANYONE who is going through back pain. Trust me when I tell you Dr. Mills can and WILL solve the problem if you just take his advice and trust his judgement. I did, and I tell you now, I would do it a hundred times over again because I know the results would be just as amazing as this time! Once again, I want to personally say THANK YOU to Dr. Mills and his amazing staff at Coastal Orthopedics for fixing the problem with my spine. You and your staff are literally lifesavers! Now, I will be able to be the daddy and husband I've so longed to be for so many years once I completely heal from the surgery. Thanks Coastal Orthopedics!" - Timothy S.
"I was in need of a second opinion for my neck condition and was referred to Dr. Mills by a coworker. I drove 56 miles one way to see him. It was the best decision I have made in a long time. The staff was very courteous and helpful. All appointments that were scheduled for tests etc. were done while you were at the office by the friendly staff. These appointments were done within the week if not sooner. There was no waiting 3 weeks for a test and then 3 more weeks to see the doctor again. After the results were back, Dr. Mills said he could help me. I needed a C6 and C7 ACDF. I would say that this office has a really good relationship with the hospital (Conway Medical Center). Before surgery, Dr. Mills requires you go to a short class at the hospital. It took about 2 hours and this class served 2 purposes. One was that we spoke with a physical therapist and were explained what to expect the morning of the surgery and also what to expect during recovery. She also told us what we should do if we were experiencing problems after surgery. The second thing this meeting did was allowed us to get all preadmission test and labs done and meet with the anesthesiologist. They gave us a 3 ring binder with all sorts of information concerning my surgery and what to expect before and after the surgery. I had a copy of my labs, in hand, to take to my doctor when I left this meeting. This appointment to see my doc was also made by Dr. Mills' staff. My MD was impressed with the lab report and the notebook. My MD and his staff were amazed with the detail placed on my surgery by Dr. Mills. All I had to do from here was to show up the morning of surgery. After surgery, I had 2 follow up appointments within 6 weeks and had a clean bill of health. Dr. Mills genuinely cares for your well being. He knows how important it is for you to have relief and not suffer. If you are near Conway, or within a couple hours drive, it would be well worth your time and well being to see Dr. Mills." - Marvin P.
"My experience with Dr. Mills was amazing, before I had surgery and after. The operation stopped the terrible pains I had down my legs, aching and pain across my lumbar. I still have trouble with my right leg, and pain in the middle of my spine. I have arthritis in the spine and joint pain, but let me tell you, I do not walk crooked. Dr. Wilkins helped reassure me that there is no guarantee before surgery and was surprised of the amount of arthritis in my spine. I know I will still have joint and all the arthritis and pain, but it is nice to know from your physicians what's wrong and how they can help. Dr. Mills reassured me also what he can do for the surgery. Like they say, every little bit helps. With their help, it did for me. Thank You." - Mary Jean C.
"When I went to Dr. Mills, I had already been to another orthopedic doctor who told me there was nothing he could do for me until I got a lot worse. I had already been almost incapacitated for 8 months and that was no way to live. I tried pain management injections to no avail. Dr. Mills agreed to do surgery at Conway Hospital. The surgery was an outpatient procedure and I walked out of the hospital at least 50% better that same day. Dr. Mills told me that I had a bone spur and that was causing the pain as it impinged upon the sciatic nerve. He told me it would take 6 to 12 months to completely heal and it has now been five months and I am 98% healed with very little to no pain. I am confident that I will be completely healed in a few months and I could not be happier. When the surgery was initially scheduled, I asked his nurse, Angela, why Dr. Mills did not do minimally invasive surgery like you hear in TV advertisements and she said when you do minimally invasive, you may not be able to detect something that was not see during an x-ray or MRI and that was my case. My films only showed three bulging discs that were not serious enough to be causing so much pain. So I was so happy that Dr. Mills took the better option and that is why he found my bone spur. I will recommend Dr. Mills to anyone who has a back problem. I have the utmost confidence in his ability and his staff. Also, the entire Orthopedic office is the most efficient office I have ever seen. Thank you Dr. Mills and staff." - Rita W.
"First of all, I want to recommend Coastal Orthopedics to everyone who may need to see an orthopedist. I have been seeing Dr. William Mills, for a while now. I  just had neck surgery last Tuesday, March 31st. From the time you enter their office, the employees are very understanding and considerate. The staff are well educated and very friendly. They make you feel as though you are important; not just another person. Well, back to the surgery, I was very nervous just like anyone would be. Dr. Mills and his staff were always there to answer all of my questions and make you well aware of what was going to happen. After I heal from my neck surgery, which will be about 6 weeks, do to the neck collar, I will be discussing my back with Dr. Mills. Just in case you were wondering why I am seeing Dr. Mills, it was due to an automobile accident. I want to thank Dr. Mills and his staff for everything they have done for me to get me back to a normal life." - Linda C.
"ACDF surgery-3 disks fused and a foramina canal opened up for my right arm and shoulder pain. Great job, everything went like clockwork and there were no surprises. Dr. Mills, Ms. Fu, and Ms. Angela were very up front and told me what to expect from the surgery and recovery. They lined me up with an MRI, x-rays, neck brace, soft collar, etc. The other staff at Coastal Orthopedics were very professional and helpful in preparing me for this operation. It has been three months since the operation and I feel so much better and my vertebrae are healing up just fine. And a quick shout out to the fine folks at Conway Medical Center for their great hospitality and service. I have managed to go almost 53 years without a surgery (well, Tonsillectomy as a child) and I could not be any happier with my surgical procedure experience with Dr. Mills and his fine staff. Yes I do recommend Coastal Orthopedics, Dr. Mills and his staff, and Conway Medical Center and I would do it again if needed!!" - Karen S.
"On November 20, 2014, I had an ALIF surgey preformed by Dr Mills. The care concern by everyone was fantastic. From the start of office visits to the day of surgery everyone was great. The care concern and true feelings of myself and family was their priority. Dr. Mills and Dr. Sasser were the best doctors that I have had dealings with. Both were straight forward direct and their talents in surgery are the best that I have encountered. I would recomend both doctors and the Conway Hospital to all." - Andrew C.
“In January 2014, Dr. Mills operated on my cervical spine. I had been in pain for months before learning what my neck problems were. It was not until an office consultation with Dr. Mills that I was told the pain and numbness down my arm could be corrected with surgery. Dr. Mills recommended an Anterior Cervical Discectomy Fusion. The most memorable thought I had at that moment was, “If someone rolled an operating table in here, I'd jump on it." That's how much I needed relief from the pain down my arm. Listening to Dr. Mills made me anxious for surgery. Never thought anyone would welcome surgery, but I did. Dr. Mills explained everything about the procedure; some areas in my neck required repair or replacement (from C2 to C6); there were problems with a bulging disc and degenerative vertebrae; and a more serious spinal cord and nerve were compressed outside the spinal column at a bulging disc. I went home knowing I found the right orthopedic surgeon for my problems. I was very happy about scheduling this surgery because I was confident I would wake up pain-free. Dr. Mills had explained the risks of this surgery, but I chose the pain-free version. It turned out, I was aware my pain was gone immediately after surgery. My thoughts again, "This is a miracle.” Thank you to Dr. Mills, your OR Team, and all the nurses and assistants. My family, my neighbors, my church friends, and a few strangers all know I had an excellent surgeon and a wonderful experience at Coastal Orthopedics. Thank you, Dr. Mills.” – J.T., via Vitals.com
"Having nursed my late husband through a particularly difficult back surgery, I was not looking forward to that option when I fractured two vertebras while working in the yard.  Over a period of 5 years, I tried nerve root blocks and epidurals with short-term to no success and a lot of frustration. I was informed that my problem was compounded by spinal stenosis, which created a progressively debilitating problem of its own. At age 75, and following my husband’s death, I decided I needed to do something to make myself more self-reliant, and was referred to Dr. William Mills by my primary physician. He and his staff pointed out a rather recent development in lower back procedure, ILIF, with a minimally invasive surgery, and a brief recovery. I entered the hospital on Thursday, and returned home, virtually pain-free on Saturday. Six months later, I'm so thrilled with my recovery and I'm back to doing Yoga and a little Zumba.  I've got my life back and only wish I'd done this much sooner. Thank you Dr. Mills and staff!" -- Carole D.
"Hello! First I would like to say, I love Coastal Orthopedics! They have been fantastic in all categories of care with not only myself, but my children, whom have had injuries as well.  Although their injuries were minor and temporary, one with a jammed thumb and one with a fractured forearm, they could be seen immediately and with exceptional care. The staff was extremely friendly and played with my children, which made them very comfortable in what was originally a scary experience!  My experience with Coastal Orthopedics could not have come any sooner! I'm an 18-year hairdresser/barber and I own my own business alone. Having said that, I never though in my wildest dream that at 35 years old, I would be having immediate unexpected neck surgery. On April 1st, 2013, I awoke to not being able to lift my head, neck, or left arm. After many doctor visits, a couple of ER visits, 2 pain injections by my doctor, and numerous chiropractic visits, while all were requesting an MRI, my insurance company kept denying me because I had not been in an "accident!” Really? By the end of the month, I was ready to die. I was in so much pain. I was living off of pain meds, couldn't work, drive, or even function as a wife or mother. It was awful! That's when someone recommended me to Coastal Orthopedics! When calling, I was able to see Dr. Mills the next day. After coming in and meeting Dr. Mills and explaining my ordeal, he immediately requested and got me approved for an MRI! The next day, he called me with my results, explaining to me that not only did I have one of the worst herniated bulging discs, C 5/6  in someone's neck that he had ever seen, but that my nerve in my left arm that goes from my spine to my thumb was being severely pinched/entangled somewhat in these discs. He didn't know how I was even functioning! I explained I wasn't really without lots and lots of pain, muscle and nerve meds, I wouldn't have survived the pain. I was unbearable! I had immediate surgery 2 days later. There was no question, "do I want surgery.” It was, “when should I be there?”  I was completely miserable! April 30th was my surgery day and I wouldn’t say it was painless, but my arm was immediately relieved. I was sore from the trauma from waiting so long but immediate relief! After a few weeks of recovery and several weeks of physical therapy, I was a million times better! Back to work (after 2 months of my business being closed!) and normal again!   January 18th. I awoke again to not being able to lift my arm, except this time, it was my right arm, my dominant arm.  I thought I must have slept on it but as the day went on, it was worse and worse. I messaged Dr. Mills’ physician assistant, which is the most wonderful, helpful, medical provider I've ever met. She is always ready to help and offers me encouragement, advice, and care anytime I call or message her. She quickly returned my call and told me to come in first thing the following business day. Monday morning, I saw Dr Mills. With my history and symptoms, I was able to have an MRI right away and found out that again, I had the same problem! This time, it was C 6/7 and my right arm nerve being severely pinched! We couldn't believe it!! So here we go again, out of work, surgery, recovery, and therapy! Dr. Mills explained that sometimes C 5/6, and C 6/7 are affected by each other and when one is bad the other overcompensates. Usually it doesn't happen this soon but with my career and kind of work, it could happen. My surgery was January 24th and this time, because I was more aware of recovery and what to expect, it was a little easier to handle. Dr. Mills, his physician assistant, and the nurse Angela have all been fantastic!! I'm recovering now. The care and checkups have all been very encouraging! I will always use Coastal Orthopedics for all of our needs! I'm so thankful for them and all of their wonderful staff!!" -- Jamie A.     
"No one likes to have to go to doctors or have to have surgery.  I have never ever come across a better doctor than Dr. Mills, his entire office staff, and his surgical staff.  He is a wonderful doctor, who truly cares about his patients, and gives each and every one of his patients the individual care that they need.  I would recommend Dr. Mills to anyone and everyone who is having back problems.  I couldn't walk for almost 6 months and was in severe pain due to bone on bone friction in my low back. The day after surgery, I no longer had back pain and it is wonderful to feel that I can be productive again and live my life.  No amount of thank you's can express how I feel about Dr. Mills giving me my life back.  God bless you, your entire staff, surgical team, and Coastal Orthopedics.  My wife and I would never go anywhere else with back problems. Dr. Mills  "has your back" (literally.)" -- Steve O.
"On my second trip to Conway Hospital ER with severe pain in my lower back and leg, the ER doctor referred me to Dr. William Mills at Coastal Orthopedics. After getting an appointment, Dr. Mills had his office schedule a MRI. When I went back for the results, Dr. Mills said I had a herniated disc and lumbar spinal stenosis that could be fixed with an ILIF procedure, which consisted of a plastic spacer and clamp with screws. At 70 years old and never had any kind of surgery, that didn't sound all that appealing to me. I decided to try to deal with the pain with a little bit of medication. Within a week, I was calling back begging for the surgery. I had the surgery on September 26, 2013. Immediately after the surgery, the pain was gone. I spent one night in the hospital and the nurses were really good. After being released, the first two weeks were a little uncomfortable but the medicine they give you takes care of the pain and you sleep a lot. After the third and fourth week, things got a little better each day. Week six, there was no more pain and no more medicine. I felt good and was looking forward to getting back to normal activities. I must say my first experience with surgery, I was very skeptic especially with the spine, but I couldn't be more pleased with the whole deal. Dr. William Mills and his staff wow, what can I say; they were excellent and they gave me life back. I'm very grateful. Thanks to you all."-- Wayne E.
"I am one year post ILIF surgery. I had two discs that needed to be replaced after falling hard on concrete. Dr. Mills, his interns, and staff were there to give excellent care as I walked through my recovery period. I am very thankful for the best of care and would very highly recommend this office to everyone needing orthopedic care. Thanks Dr. Mills, you're the best!!" -- Kathy W.
"I see Dr. Wilkins every three months. I have osteoporosis and arthritis through my whole body and was told I have sclerosis. I have been coming there for years and have always been treated great and am very well pleased." --Catherine M.
"I recently had xlif surgery and am still recovering, however I feel that the surgery has definitely rid me of chronic pain in my lower back. I was active as a senior, the surgery performed by Dr. Mills has allowed me to become as active as I was before the pain." -- Judith B.
"After years of back pain, Dr. Mills suggested an X-LIF, a less-invasive surgical procedure to remedy my problem. My entire experience with him and his staff, both medical and surgical, were top-notch and the procedure went off without a hitch.  I would not look any further for orthopedic service in the future than with Coastal Orthopedics." -- Gary C.
"I have suffered with back pain for most of my adult life. I consulted with orthopedic physicians in my hometown, tried chiropractic treatments, injections into the back and into the nerve.  The pain became increasingly worse and nothing I tried helped. I called Coastal Orthopedics and spoke with someone there about the different treatments and surgeries that they offered. I then asked my primary physician about what she knew about Coastal Orthopedics and, in particular, about Dr. Mills. I also went on the Internet and read all of the information I was able to find on Coastal Orthopedics and Dr. William Mills.  I was impressed with everything I learned and called and made an appointment for a consultation with Dr. Mills. I felt very comfortable making a decision to have Dr. Mills do the surgery that I needed. I underwent surgery on November 2, 2012 and was driving again on November 7, 2012 and went back to work on November 12, 2012. I think this is remarkable after having major back surgery. I would highly recommend Coastal Orthopedics and Dr. William Mills to anyone who is in need of or considering back surgery. I am enjoying being pain free for the first time in years and doing a lot of things that I have not been able to do in many years." -- Sandra M.
"On June the 19th, 2012, I was in an auto accident. At the time I felt some back pain, but thought it was just a strain. I started feeling some discomfort in my right buttocks, and down the right leg. I also could not pick up my right foot and place in down. I then called Coastal Orthopedics and they gave me an appointment with Dr. Mills. He examined me, took X-rays, and after he reviewed them, he set me up with an MRI. The MRI shown some distressed areas of the 3/4 and 4/5 lumbar area. He recommended a treatment called ILIF. I gave it some serious thought and then approved the operation. I am only one month out of the operation and by back never felt better. No more pain in the right buttocks or leg. My foot now has strength and I can walk properly. I am very pleased with the results and thank the staff and Dr. Mills for his help." -- Dennis T.
"I had my second meeting  with Dr. Mills and he explained my MRI in great detail which made sense to me and was greatly appreciated. He suggested a few ways we could address the problem. He gave me cortisone shots in the lower spine and prescribed a medication. I am looking forward to seeing him again and see if this is the right path. I have had surgery two times before and hope an alternative course will help. He, like Dr. Ramsey, is a pleasure to go to." -- Richard E.
"For several years I suffered with neck pain and headaches. Not to mention, had seen several doctors, yet nothing changed. About a year ago, I met Dr. Mills and within the first two visits he had diagnosed what might be the cause. I had three herniated disks in my neck. Dr. Mills did disk fusion and what a difference it made. Dr. Mills is a great physician. His bedside manner is such a breathe of fresh air in this era of "hurry up". I am very blessed to have him!" -- Johnny S.
"I needed Dr. Mills to remove some hardware in my ankle that he had placed there several years ago after an accident. He was so kind and caring. I appreciated his professionalism and his time spent explaining answers to my questions. The entire office staff at Coastal Orthopedics was helpful, friendly, and extremely efficient." -- Jan T.
"I was in a car accident and after a few days my back and right side became tender. I had a pain in the lower part of my right hip and up and down my back. I am now under the care of Dr. Mills. I fell with his fine attention; I will be fine in a short time. Thanks." -- Dennis T.
"I presented myself to Dr. Mills in 1997. My injuries were from an automobile accident two years before. My problem was pain in my lower back radiating into left hip and legs. The test and appointments with doctors in the Horry County area seemed to be a never-ending process with little relief. Upon my visit to Dr. Mills, he instantly saw the problem. Within minutes after the test started, the problem was diagnosed. I had a deteriorated disc in my lower back and I needed a fusion. Dr. Mills performed the surgery at Conway Hospital. Within two weeks I was a new woman. The nerve pain had ceased and I began to grow stronger and stronger every day. Within six weeks I was doing knee chest leg raises. After three months I was running. I thank God for Dr. Mills and his staff. I do believe that God heals us, but I also believe he uses people like Dr. Mills and his skilled hands of compassion to do the work. Here I am now years later after a serious fall in a grocery store 2012 seeking his help once again. I will be having a new procedure called XLIF, which is a less invasive procedure than before. I look forward to recovery and know that once again God will use the compassionate hands of Dr. Mills and his staff to move me toward a life pain free." -- Katherine W.
"I had pain in my back that prevented me from doing my normal activities such as walking, grocery shopping, sleeping, etc. Dr. Mills recommended having an extreme lateral fusion, which he performed and I've been pain free ever since and am able to do whatever I want. I would highly recommend it." -- Barbara A.