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Todd M. Tupis, M.D., M.S.

Verified Patient Rating: 4.74 (110 patient reviews and ratings)

The following are reviews from patients of Dr. Tupis.

“Dr. Tupis is calm, well spoken and thorough. I have full and complete confidence in his abilities. My experience with knee replacement surgery was excellent and I'm actually looking forward to having the other one done.”
– David P.
"I had a massive rotator cuff tear of the right shoulder. After consulting other medical professionals I was told that I would need a shoulder replacement and no other repair was possible. After being examined and discussing my injury with Dr. Tupis, he felt confident that he could repair my shoulder without a replacement. The surgery was successful and four months later my shoulder feels fantastic. I would highly recommend Dr. Tupis to anyone." – Thomas D. 
"I had full knee replacement in June 2016. Dr. Tupis was my doctor and his PA, Steven are great. I would recommend anyone having knee replacement surgery to visit them at Coastal Orthopedics.
"Excellent service! Entire staff was very professional. Dr. Tupis was very thorough and his diagnosis and treatment of my rotator tendinitis was spot on. I highly recommend Coastal Orthopedics!" – David
"It was absolutely great. They are very caring and wonderful people. Everyone was very helpful while I was there." – Michael M.
"I was referred to Coastal Orthopedics by a fellow doctor and could not be more happy with my decision. I was involved in an ATV accident and was transported to Grand Strand as a trauma patient. I suffered a concussion, a fractured rib, and a fractured scapula. Two weeks after my discharge from Grand Strand I was still in a great amount of pain, and that is when I decided to have a second opinion. My initial appointment was with Tasha Lee who did a phenomenal job, not only with her assessment, but took the time to understand my frustration and pain. After her assessment, she decided to order additional X-rays. It was those additional X-rays that Dr. Tupis  became involved and explained to me that I had a fractured rib & scapula, an important piece of information that Grand Strand MISSED. My follow-up appointment was with Dr. Tupis who again took the time and effort to evaluate and explain my X-rays, course of action, and follow-up care. Honestly, I usually do not care much for doctor visits, but my experience with Coastal Orthopedics has been phenomenal–not only Dr. Tupis and Tasha, but the X-ray techs, nurses, and other staff have been great." – Nichole S.
"I would be crippled for life without you guys." – Christopher J.
"Dr. Todd M. Tupis and his assistants are a very good people they know what they're doing. They take their time and show me the X-ray pictures and explained it to me that's what matters to me." – Darryl H. 
"Dr. Tupis and the entire staff treat patients with concern and respect. The atmosphere is such that I know that I have their complete attention. It's refreshing to be treated as a person and not simply a number." - David P.
"Made my experience easy and comfortable." - Barbara B.
"Before moving to the Myrtle Beach area, I did not think one of my biggest issues would be finding an Orthopedic Surgeon (especially considering the demographics of the area) to continue my ongoing therapy.  After going through several options on my own, I discussed my requirements with my general practitioner, who referred me to Coastal Orthopedics.  I made the appointment and was assigned Dr. Tupis.  At my first office visit, he reviewed my medical history and later contacted my previous Surgeon.  Subsequently, I was contacted by his office to make a future appointment for an office visit.  As of this writing, I am completely satisfied with Dr. Tupis for my Orthopedic Surgeon and his supporting staff.  During my recent and first therapy session, I was appreciative that I experienced little pain as he administered the procedure and he kept me informed throughout." - Earl R.
"Took a bad fall just 5 days after moving to SC. Everyone from receptionist to Dr. to check was welcoming and informative. I will not hesitate to continue to use this facility for my orthopedic needs." – Laurie Y.
"Very positive experience. Dr. Tupis was very thorough and answered all of my questions. He presents with a feeling of trust and confidence. His nurse Misty was also knowledgeable and helpful. Be proud of your providers." – Linda W.
"I had a broken ankle. The staff were very caring, never had to wait long to be seen, took care of my insurance needs, made my recovery more at ease. Follow ups were very timely." – Bonnie
"Many thanks to Dr. Tupis and the entire staff of Coastal Orthopedics and Conway Medical Center for all their care, patience and understanding. At the tender age of 54, who would have thought I would have needed knee replacement. However, for me, it was the only way. With careful attention given to my rehabilitation and follow-up visits, 6 months have passed and my knee is doing great. Thanks again guys!" – Glori M. 
"Dr. Tupis and staff are a class act, top notch." – Shannon S. 
"I am very pleased about my experience with Dr. Tupis and the whole Conway Medical System. My left knee was due to have a total knee replacement and I was feeling apprehensive because my memory of my right knee replacement 6 years ago was still very painful in my mind. I also didn't want to affect my ability to enjoy golf and daily activities. I went to a seminar and Dr. Tupis answered all of my questions in a calm and knowledgeable way that truly inspired confidence. Then, the preoperative class answered all of my concerns regarding postoperative discomfort, activity limitations, how to get your physical therapy, and also how to take charge of my recovery. Every person who dealt with me from admissions to preop to surgery to recovery and postop was friendly, attentive, and informative. It helped me to relax and to work with the process. The calls from the ortho office and the hospital after discharge made me feel like a person, not a number. The outpatient physical therapy located under his office was great. They made me feel like my recovery was going as expected and that they were as invested as I was in reaching my goals. They also showed that hanging on to your sense of humor can help stress as much or better than pain medicine. Thanks to the whole team for all your efforts and making my life pain free again." - Charles H.
"Dr. Tupis is amazing! I trust and appreciate him so much! I feel is not only my doctor he is also a friend! Would and have recommended him to anyone!" – Susan H.    
"So often people aren't told how much they are appreciated. To everyone on your staff, thank you for all that you do.  We were greeted with a smile and left there with well wishes. Your staff was so attentive to my daughter's needs and as well as mine. All questions answered no corner unturned. Richlyn is doing very well and she only used pain meds the first day." – Sheryl W.
"Dr. Tupis never seems to be in a hurry to get to his next patient, rather is focused on the one in front of him. He is clear in his diagnoses, prognoses, and alternatives of treatment. It is very refreshing to feel important when with someone who could easily say an operation is the only option, but seems to prefer to avoid it if possible." – William D. 
"Good specialist, awesome staff too." – Kishor S. 
"I am very impressed with the quality & care of the doctors at Coastal. (I have also seen Dr. Ramsey.) I feel like Dr. Tupis and Dr. Ramsey both listened to my issues, offered least invasive options first, but explained when and if I should return to consider further options. I never felt rushed nor that my issues were trivial nor was I told that I might just need to "live with the pain" as part of aging. Thank you so much for offering such wonderful, caring doctors!" – Karen B. 
"The staff was excellent" – Joan S.   
"I had the opportunity to see him for my knee, and he did a good job. Conway Hospital is my medical center." – Michael C.
"Dr. Tupis is an absolutely wonderful physician: caring and attentive who called the evening of the surgery to make sure I was alright. Likewise the nurses are caring and so helpful and explain everything very well." – Dode W. 
"Was able to fit me in a very timely manner and gave me excellent advice as to what I should do in the future to maintain a healthy tennis regimen." – Duke M. 
"I was impressed with Dr. Tupis and his entire staff. I found him to be a very caring doctor and excellent conversationalist. His nurse was one of the kindest people I have ever met. I had a knee replacement that went better than I had expected and recovery was very quick. I never took a pain pill after leaving the hospital. Not to say there was not discomfort, but not serious enough for oxycodone and the like. Seven years earlier I had my first knee replacement with another medical group and had quite a bit of discomfort. This forced me to look at Coastal Orthopedics rather than return to the first medical group. It seems that everyone there has a caring spirit. The receptionists, the X-ray technicians and even the ones that handle the billing are pleasant and respective. I would not hesitate to recommend Coastal Orthopedics especially for the kindness, caring and professionalism." – Tom T. 
"I have been pleased with my whole experience. The entire staff are friendly and professional. I have complete confidence in Dr. Tupis and his advice on treatment." – Sherie C. 
"I am very satisfied with Dr. Tupis and his treatment of my shoulder problem. His staff is very friendly and the support staff (X-Ray and MRI) are very pleasant. I always recommend Coastal Orthopedics to my friends." – Robert S. 
"Dr. Tupis is very caring and knows his business!" – Norbert F.
"Had rotator cuff repair of 3 tendons. Dr. Tupis performed the surgery and I have been extremely pleased with him and the staff." – Ken F.
"Dr. Tupis has a great bedside manner. He is always explaining what is wrong and what it will require to repair." – Nicholas M.
"Dr. Tupis was very professional before, during and after my son's surgery. I would HIGHLY recommend him to any of my family and friends." – Steve H.
"I will have knee replacement surgery on 25 February. My right knee will be replaced. I am nervous about this. However, Dr. Tupis and his staff including Ann the Coordinator and Dave, MSW, have been very reassuring and professional." – Janice S.
"Great and caring doctor" -- Jenny S.
"Awesome doctor" -- Tonya B.
"Dr. Tupis is a skilled professional who takes time to listen and explain things. He did a phenomenal job repairing my rotator cuff. Not only is he a great doctor but a wonderful human being, you can sense he cares every time you see him. I am very fortunate that I chose him." – Alfred B. 
"They were very courteous and professional. I was treated very well." – John R. 
"Could not believe the level of comfort I had with the meds I was given after and during surgery. Also, amazed that I was out of the hospital in just 24 hours. Dr Tupis was great and all follow up was excellent, PT went well and was on my own in 7 weeks. Back to walking for exercise and playing golf." – David S. 
"Excellent treatment by Dr. Tupis and his staff." – Bernadine L. 
"Dr. Tupis and staff demonstrate great customer service, empathy and perform terrific services for the patient. I couldn't be happier with my treatment." – David P. 
"Dr. Tupis is wonderful to say the least. I am only 39 years old and am facing knee surgery. He is very understanding. He is also helpful when it comes to explaining procedures and compassionate when it comes to pain. I would recommend Dr. Tupis for anyone with problems at a young age." – Leslie C. 
"In October 2014, I had a total knee replacement done by Coastal Orthopedics. My husband and I had just moved here from Pennsylvania in March of 2014 and although I had been told a few years ago I needed a knee replacement, I was afraid to do it. When I saw my new PCP here in Conway, she referred me to Dr. Tupis. He showed me the X-ray of my knee and said I had bone on bone. After trying shots, I knew it was time. That was the best decision I could have made. Without a doubt, I would recommend Dr. Tupis and Coastal Orthopedics to anyone and I have. The care I received by Dr. Tupis and Coastal Orthopedics was outstanding. I now have my life back, I started walking again, without pain, was able to lose weight." – Roberta M. 
"After living with severe knee for 3 yrs and being unable to hike or ride a bike, I finally decided to do something about this situation. I wanted my life back. A friend told me about her wonderful experience with the Joint Replacement Center at Conway Hospital. I took her advice and called Coastal Orthopedics. Best decision I ever made. I met with Dr. Tupis and his wonderful staff. Dr. Tupis explained in fine detail what the problem was with my knee. He then told me every step of the process from the surgery, hospital stay, recovery and physical therapy. He addressed all of my questions and concerns. The conversation made me feel very confident that my knee replacement would be successful and that I would be well cared for during the process. I was not disappointed. His wonderful nurse, Misty King, was especially kind. The care I received was very professional and I am thrilled with my results. I will be ever so grateful to Dr. Tupis and his wonderful staff. My recovery continues with help and guidance of the fine physical therapist at the Rehabilitation Services at CMC. Thank you, Dr. Tupis, for giving me back my life." - Pat M.
"Dr. Tupis did rotator cuff surgery on me a few months ago, and I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Tupis and Misty. Dr. Tupis is very kind and caring. I think he is an excellent surgeon. Dr. Tupis never rushed me through a visit, spent time explaining the procedure and recovery, and always gave me enough time to ask my questions. Misty was always at the other end of the phone if I needed anything, and that is very comforting. I have and will continue to recommend Dr. Tupis to everyone." -- Marlene P.
"My final appointment with Dr. Tupis was Friday, April 4. This was to make sure my shoulder surgery was healing well and my range of motion and strength was proceeding on schedule.  Dr. Tupis released me with instructions to continue the strengthening and stretching on my own. At the risk of repeating myself, the wait time for my appointment was minimal. Everyone associated with Coastal Orthopedics was courteous and helpful. Dr. Tupis is an outstanding surgeon. I would recommend him to anyone. This is a thank you to everyone who dealt with me and made all procedures run as smoothly as possible." -- Elizabeth S.
"Excellent visit. I moved to Conway from upstate New York and had to find new doctor. I'm glad I found Dr. Ramsey and Dr. Tupis. They both took their time with me and helped me very much. The nurses and everyone were very kind and helpful also. I am looking forward to my future visits. Thank you." -- Pete M.
"My experience any time I have visited the Coastal Orthopedics has always been pleasant. The wait is minimal. All those who work with the doctors are always courteous and accommodating. Dr. Tupis is just great and his nurse Misty is a wealth of information. I experienced very little pain after the surgery and I am healing quite well. I would recommend this office and it's specialists to anyone who asks." -- Elizabeth S.
"Dr. Tupis treated me by giving me my Synvisc injections with cortisone in both my knees. For reasons, this time I was very nervous about getting this procedure done. But everything went very well. No discomfort at all. Thanks Doc!" -- Paul A.
 "I had rotator cuff surgery on my right shoulder, which was followed by therapy. Great doctor, great staff, and the rehab team is super good. I appreciate those young ladies a bunch and they were very professional." -- William T.
"I am currently four weeks post op from Achilles tendon surgery done by Dr. Taylor.  He and Dr. Tupis have been excellent. The office and support of the staff have been superb! I am a registered nurse and spend long hours on my feet so I am hoping for a full recovery that will allow me to return to my current employer.  Prior to this injury, I had been a patient of Dr. Ramsey due to osteoarthritis in my right knee Thank you for your fine services and maybe I will be getting knee surgery someday in the future." -- Linda W.
"I had a right shoulder problem for a few months, where the symptoms were so bad; I could hardly use my arm. My primary care physician had referred me to Dr. Preslar, who had an MRI done and immediately referred me to Dr. Tupis. We discovered I had a rotator cuff tear. Dr. Tupis performed the surgery and within a few short weeks of treatment and therapy, I am doing great! Dr. Tupis has a great "bed side manner" and listened to my complaints with an understanding and knowledge of what is wrong and how to proceed with the treatment. I wouldn’t hesitate to use Dr. Tupis or Dr. Preslar at Coastal Orthopedics again." -- Hilda S.
"I had therapy on the left shoulder in the summer and fall of 2012. I had surgery on the right shoulder in August of 2013. I requested physical therapy right after surgery. Dr. Tupis agreed and got me signed in. The physical therapy of Coastal Orthopedics has helped me twice now. Two skilled and very well trained ladies, Santina & Jennifer, are both very persistent and thorough in their treatment for me. This is a great place for rehab. From my observations, I see caring and professionalism by all the staff. They truly are a great group of folks. Many thanks!" -- Bill T.
"I have had occasion to visit both Dr. Ramsey and Dr. Tupis for treatment of injuries I received from a fall last year. I have been very pleased with the ability to obtain an appointment quickly and have been pleased with the care and concern shown to me and with prompt action to heal my injuries." -- Elizabeth S.
"Dr. Ramsey replaced my right hip. He did a wonderful job. Only had a little therapy, and I was good to go." -- Charles O.
"I came to see your group back in January 2013 for a problem with my right leg and ankle and my right shoulder.  I originally saw Dr. Ramsey and Dr. Taylor.  I was then referred to Dr. Tupis and Dr. Wilkins.  I would like to thank all of  you for the wonderful care that you gave me! I have since had weight loss surgery by Dr. Washington, and I have lost 68 pounds.  This has significantly helped my leg and ankle, but I am still going to MUSC as Dr. Tupis has arranged for July. I am also now working out at Planet fitness in Myrtle Beach, and that is also helping the arthritis in my shoulder.  I will be coming back to see Dr. Tupis for follow-up on my right shoulder after my leg is corrected. I remember what he said—that there was no need to work on my shoulder until I had two good legs to stand on!  I recognize that as him being a very good surgeon; one that puts the patient's most important needs first, and that is how it should be. Once again, thanks for everything!" --Kimberly D.
"I was pleased with Dr. Tupis. It was my first time seeing him and he made me feel just as comfortable as Dr. Elliott did. Of Course Misty King is the best nurse ever. My surgery is tomorrow (2/13/14) and I am convinced it will go well. I have had nothing but good experiences with the doctors I've seen as well as my son." -- Tami D.
I want to express my thanks to you all for your wonderful support and encouragement over these past 5 months. I continue to recover from a stress fracture of my left heel. It's been a very long, slow recovery - and I will admit that I am so frustrated!!! I am just ready to be healed. Both Dr. Tupis and Dr. Taylor told me this type injury would be slow to heal, for me to hang in there and that I would be able to run again. And, I will. :) Each year since 2002, I have participated in the MB half or full marathon. I had registered for the February 16 event a few days before my injury occurred.  So, next week I will be on the sidelines at the MB marathon cheering on my training/running partner as she crosses the finish line. We are hopeful that I will run alongside her again soon. When given the "ok" to run again, I promise to take "baby steps" and not run too far too soon! I'll see you in a few weeks!" -- Wanda L.
"I tore my ACL playing football. Dr. Tupis did my surgery. He and his staff were so vey kind and nice. I love to go to office visits. They really make you feel at home. I would recommend him to anyone that needs surgery. Thank you Dr. Tupis and staff." -- DeTrell D.
"Dr. Tupis is one outstanding surgeon. He is very compassionate, caring, and with the highest professional standard of excellence. I was increasingly in trouble with daily tasks like cooking and showering. I had to forget even just chipping and putting practice in golf. This surgery has been like a miracle for me. The facilities were impressive with a team of very efficient staff members. This surgeon is beyond thanking." -- Peter J.
"Very good!" -- William L.