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Peter Ramsey, M.D.

Verified Patient Rating: 4.92 (145 patient reviews and ratings)

The following are reviews from patients of Dr. Ramsey.

“Dr Ramsey is amazing. During my very first appointment, he put all of my fears to rest. Nine years ago, I had a total hip replacement in Dallas, Texas and the surgery and subsequent rehab was tough and long. Thank goodness Dr. Ramsey has this less invasive procedure! I am now day 5 after my surgery and walking with little aid; my pain is minimal, only muscular which is expected. Dr. Ramsey made me feel as though I was his only patient and the morning of my surgery, he once again made me feel relaxed and confident. Honestly, I am telling everyone I know about this amazing experience and I will be grateful for the rest of my life! Thank you,”
– Janice K.
“I've been in the care of two of the Conway physicians and can say I've never been more satisfied with my health providers. From the receptionist, nurse's ex ray persons and my two doctors couldn't ask for any better.”
– George F.
– James S.
"Dr. Ramsey is a professional and expert in his field of the highest order. The program at Coastal Orthopedics addresses the patient's needs from a holistic point of view which is refreshing. By that I mean the entire health of the patient is attended, not just the one joint being treated. I would highly recommend Coastal Orthopedics for surgical hip replacement as one of the best in the country. I felt my health and my needs were a top priority to Coastal Orthopedics and CMC every step of the way. The follow-up is great, and everyone involved with the program responds to each patient query or need as though it were their own family. I would very highly recommend Coastal Orthopedics and CMC to anyone seeking orthopedic surgery or care. Though local, they are employing health protocols and precautions which well exceed what you would expect from much larger facilities. I am very satisfied with my results." – Craig S. 
"Everything was extremely well organized. Class was very helpful in explaining procedures and what to expect. Hospital staff was amazing. Everyone was caring and friendly. Couldn't believe it - but even the food was really good. Appreciated the fact that anxiety level was greatly reduced mainly due to the attitude of the all of the staff. Would recommend this group of professionals to anyone needing orthopedic care." – Vivian W. 
"I had a total knee replacement done on June 20th at Conway Hospital by Dr. Ramsey. From the hospital to the doctor plus everyone involved in the process was as good as can be expected. The outcome was great and would recommend them to anyone. Which I already have." – Richard H. 
"Dr. Ramsey was highly recommended by my primary physician. He definitely lived up to the endorsement. He was thorough, professional and described, in detail, the process that needed to take place." – Woody M.
"My right hip was total toast, probably from a long life of hard heavy work carrying heavy loads on my right side for years. In Dec. 2015 I had so much trouble getting around with pain I didn't move much. Golf was no longer fun, by the 6th hole I would try to continue to play with tears in my eyes from pain. Jan. 4, 2016 had hip surgery, and oh my God, I'm a new man. It has given me my life back. The few weeks of modest to minimal pain of recovery was nothing for me. I even quit taking the pain script provided after 15 days. I was out golfing in five weeks and walking again 2 to 3 miles a day 5 days a week. My game did not improve, but I love it again." –Alex K.
"I had a total knee replacement. I have heath issues. The communication between dr. Ramsey and myself was terrific. He ordered all the necessary preop tests. The operation went well. And although I was a really great patient doing all the doctor required, it was a wonderful experience. I am looking forward to having Dr. Ramsey operate on my other knee. The follow up appointments were both educational (answering all my questions) and pleasant. I have referred several people to his office." – Paula J.
"Extremely satisfied with the professionalism and attentive care that we both received from Dr Ramsey and Chris Kierney. We both had total hip replacements. I am  8 weeks from successful surgery and my husband is 3 weeks from successful surgery. We could not be more satisfied with our doctors, nurses, and hospital staff. Truly a great experience. Dr Ramsey's anterior approach to hip surgery is exceptional and we have recommended him to many. Quick recovery and no PT needed. We are very thankful we found Coastal Orthopedics and appreciate the efficient way they handle everything. We are grateful to Dr. Ramsey for allowing us to be pain free. Thank you." – Gail E.
"Dr. Ramsey performed a total knee replacement on me. My knee is now feeling better than it was before the surgery and I still have a few months to go to see just how much better it will get. I am pleased with him and what he did for me." – Yvonne C.
"I'm extremely pleased with my hip replacement procedure which was performed by Dr. Ramsey. The procedure was carried ou as Dr. Ramsey had explained that it would, and the entire staff performed their duties in an exemplary fashion." - Michael J.
"Dr Ramsey, his staff and the hospital staff could not have provided better care for me. ALL questions and concerns were addressed. I cannot say enough regarding the experience." – Lewis H.
"I had my left hip replaced and the whole process and recovery went great. I was on the golf course again 6 weeks after my surgery and now my hip feels as well as it ever has. The whole team at Coastal Orthopedics, from the nurses, Chris the PA, and Dr. Ramsey were great. I know later this year I will need my right hip done, but after the experience with my left one, I am very confident and optimistic of getting the second one day and feeling young again. Thanks to all." – Stephen M.
"Dr. Ramsey is the most professional, compassionate surgeon I have ever met. My hip replacement went off without a hitch and I am doing wonderful 3 days following my surgery. l would recommend Dr. Ramsey to everyone I know who needs a joint replacement." – Christine J.
"I first saw Dr. Ramsey shortly after his arrival in Coastal Orthopedics for hip pain. I had been having an increasingly difficult time walking, and doing daily activities. Dr. Ramsey found arthritis in my right hip and about 5 and a half years ago he performed a total hip replacement.  Two years ago my left knee starting giving me issues, and Dr. Ramsey ended up doing a total knee replacement. I returned to work and my daily activities with tremendous success. One year ago my right knee was replaced, and again I have returned to work, and all activities. I am playing golf again, able to mow the yard and am enjoying daily activity pain free.  I have worked in the medical field for 46 years and can say with certainty that Dr. Ramsey and all of the Coastal Orthopedics physicians are the best orthopedic physicians I have seen – as a patient and professionally.  I cannot thank Dr. Ramsey enough for how he has help me with my arthritic issues. I would not be able to function very well without his intervention. I also thank the staff at Coastal Orthopedics. They have always treated me with respect, and over the years friendships have been made. I would not trust my orthopedic issues with any other group of providers."  – John O.
"Very professional and explained everything clearly." – Albert H.
"Dr. Ramsey was recommended by a knowledgable medical professional. I found him to be smart, friendly and very kind. He listened well, and was very patient and reassuring. X-rays, blood work, and records were searched. Very thorough and a really nice guy interested in solving my problem. Would recommend Coastal Orthopedics highly." – Pamela L.
"Very good doctor. Had hip replacement." – Maxine G.
"Outstanding care by all the staff. I already sent a note to your office. I have very little pain left and have resumed my life completely." – James S. 
"Dr. Ramsey did a knee replacement for me three years ago and I was very pleased with the results. Sadly, my knee replacement from ten years ago (by a different orthopedic surgeon) has not held up so well. The inside portion of the replacement broke apart and I have been in a lot of pain. Thank God for Chris and Dr. Ramsey and their wonderful staff. I am now scheduled to have what-they-call a 'revision' next month. I know it will go well.  I have recommended Dr. Ramsey to all my friends and will continue to do so. As a realtor, I also tell my clients and customers about my GOOD experience with Dr. Ramsey. Do not hesitate to meet with him. You will be so glad you did." – Frances S.
"Before my hip replacement, my life was defined by "I can't . . ." Due to the caring competence of Dr. Ramsey and everyone in his system, I sailed through the surgery and now rejoice every time I am able to say "I can!" Dr. Ramsey, his nurses, office staff, and the people at Conway Medical Center have designed a well-oiled process. They anticipated every question, concern, and need to make the experience as stress-free as possible. Had I known how easy it was to feel so much better, I would have gone to Dr. Ramsey much earlier!" – Libby C. 
"Dr. Ramsey gave me confidence to get my knee replaced. I have all my faith in him." – Fran S.     
"My surgery went very well. Hope to have my left knee done in July. I have no pain in my right knee. Hope to have same with left knee. Thank you for a good job." – James H. 
"Doctor Ramsey was great!" – Eva J. 
"My husband's doctor was Dr. Ramsey and he replaced both of my husbands hips and he's doing great, back playing golf, walking daily and bike riding. So when I started having trouble with my knee I saw Dr. Ramsey and he's been great so far, I will have to have my knee replaced and I don't trust any other doctor to do it except Dr Ramsey. I recommend Coastal to all my friends and it's the only place I'll go!" – Suzan G. 
"Dr. Ramsey performed a hip replacement for my right hip three years ago and one year ago this month he performed a left hip replacement. I no longer have the pain and discomfort that I felt before my surgeries. He and his associates are very professional and it is quite obvious that they are genuinely concerned about the health of their patients." – John H.   
"Doctor Ramsey and his staff were terrific! It was like taking a vacation for a couple of days! Seriously, it was a positive experience. The staff at CMC were excellent as well. I had both hips replaced and I'm back doing the things that I enjoyed before the onset of RA. I tell anyone that I meet that has joint pain, 'Go see Doctor Ramsey'." – Pete M.
"I had total hip replacement (anterior approach) on 12/3/14. I must say this was the best thing I ever did for myself!! The office and Dr. Ramsey were very professional, personable, and it was overall a great experience!   I highly recommend Dr. Ramsey to anyone needing hip or knee replacements!!! THE BEST ON THE BEACH FOR SURE!!!!!!!!" – Janice W.  
"I received a new hip from Dr. Ramsey in Jan. 2015. It was an A+ experience. I had extreme pain for 3 years previously. After surgery, I was walking 2 1/2 hours later with no pain. I went home in just over 24 hours. I used a cane for a few days but began walking without it soon. I was back to work on manual labor in 10 weeks. I felt 100% and still do. A couple months later I felt I was full speed and it's been very normal since." – William S. 
"This was a truly a great experience for me. I couldn't believe that I had surgery & the same day I was up walking the hall & the steps. I very little pain after the surgery. Now 3 weeks into my recovery I am beginning to walk by myself inside my home. I still use the cane outside for safety reasons only. I cannot tell Dr. Ramsey how much I appreciate everything he has done for me. Also the most important thing is that I can walk pain-free again." – Patricia A.   
"Severe left knee pain, and chronic hip discomfort. Discussed options with Dr. Ramsey, and he agreed with my request for the MRI of my knee to try to determine the root cause of my issue. The hip issue was resolved with an X-ray. The knee required a cortisone shot - not surgery, so I was thrilled to hear that news. All of the staff assisting Dr. Ramsey were very thorough and professional, and handled me very efficiently. Overall, I very satisfied with everything, and give my highest recommendations." – Fred B. 
"I find Dr. Ramsey very professional, an expert in his field. Also he does not rush you in/out, takes the time to chat with you and discuss any needs with you. He recently did a knee replacement on my right knee I plan for him to replace my other knee. I would highly recommend him." – Connie J. 
"The doctor and staff were excellent. The doctor was very thorough. He carefully explained everything at a level I would understand." – Martha M. 
"This was the second knee I had replaced. The first was in Pennsylvania. This experience was so much better, less pain and a faster recovery. Dr. Ramsey does a fantastic job and I highly recommend him." – Michael D. 
"I was very happy with the total procedure" – Frederick W. 
"Had knee surgery and was home the next day and therapy the day after. Only 6 weeks therapy. Would highly recommend Dr Ramsey. The staff were fantastic, very caring." – Rodney B.
"Excellent facility, magnificent staff, seminars' info was spot-on and excellent. Everything happened and took place EXACTLY like it was said in seminars, Dr. Ramsey was informative as well as direct in his approach to my situation. Took care of my knee, and I can only say...EVERYBODY GETS AAA+ rating on my entire procedure. I was well pleased with the recovery time as well as not nearly the pain I was expecting. I CANNOT GIVE NEARLY THE PRAISE THEY ALL DESERVE. PROFESSIONAL CREW ONE AND ALL... THANKS" – Jack L.
"I had hip replacement surgery 12/2/2015 performed by Dr. Ramsey and was walking same day after surgery. I only used walker for 2 weeks then a cane for a week. Walking on my own 4th week. I had minimal pain and was able to sleep in comfort. I was glad Dr. Ramsey did the anterior hip replacement as I had a very speedy recovery and now walk my dogs on the beach each day and ride my bicycle with no limp or pain. I would like to thank Dr. Ramsey and his staff and all the nurses and great care I received at Conway Medical Center. I would recommend Dr. Ramsey to anyone considering hip replacement surgery." – Greg H.
"In 2015, I had both hips replaced. Right one in May, left in December. I had no problems up and walking first day. I am now pain-free I have Dr. Ramsey to thank. His office and nurses are wonderful. Stellar service. Thank yall for everything." – Marilyn H. 
"I made an appointment to see Dr. Ramsey after having an unsuccessful arthroscopic right knee surgery a year or 2 earlier. I was also having serious pain in my left hip, as well as my right knee. My neighbor had surgery by Dr. Ramsey at Conway Medical Center and recommended Dr. Ramsey very highly. That is how I learned about Dr. Ramsey. After researching his background on the internet, I made my appointment, whereby he checked my hip and knee. I had a hip replacement and a partial knee replacement within 6 months of each surgery by Dr. Ramsey. I'm glad I had the surgeries done by Dr. Ramsey at Conway Medical Center. The surgeries proved to be successful and I can walk now without the aid of a cane. Dr. Ramsey's bedside manner was excellent, I felt like I was in good hands by everyone there. Everyone at Conway Medical Center was great. Thank you, everyone." - Yolanda F.
"My name is Angela and I'm 48 years old. I had been dealing with a lot of knee pain, swelling and fluid build up in both knees. I was being treated by another doctor in another town, but could never get any relief. So I decided to go for another opinion. Someone told me about Dr. Peter Ramsey, and I went. I found out just how bad my knees were and that I was gonna need full knee replacements. I never dreamed that I would feel the way I do now. The doctor, the staff, and also the love and concern from Coastal Orthopaedics and Conway Medical Center. Dr Ramsey is an awesome doctor and I want to tell him and his staff once again....Thank You!!!" – Angela M. 
"My husband and I have seen Dr. Ramsey, Dr. Mills,  and Tasha Lee. We have had the best experience with these doctors and we are very blessed to have found Coastal Orthopedics. Everyone is so helpful and caring.  We have recommended several of our friends to Coastal, and they have all made appointments to see the doctor they need for their problem. In the past I saw Dr. Taylor who fixed my very painful foot. I saw Dr. Mills; he fixed my hip/back problem, and my husband is scheduled to have hip replacement in a couple of weeks. After the pre-op seminar, we feel very good about this operation. We feel everyone there really cares about helping and doing whatever they can to relieve your pain or discomfort. We feel no matter which doctor we see, we will have the very BEST of care!! Thanks to all of the staff who have taken very good care of us." -- Sharon B. 
"I went to see Dr. Ramsey because of an increase of pain in my right knee. I chose Dr. Ramsey because of the good experience we both had with him when my wife went there to have her knee examined. He X-rayed my knee and told me what was wrong with it. He explained to me, what all my options were, and did not try to influence me one way or the other.   He explained that I could try a knee brace to see if that would help, and when that no longer helped, I could try a cortisone shot. He encouraged me to hold off on surgery until it was necessary,... but, left the decision up to me.   Overall, it was a very good experience, and I thank Dr. Ramsey for his help!" – Richard F. 
"Had a right hip replacement, office personnel were wonderful, Conway Medical Center excellent experience and Dr. Ramsey is the best. I am 6 weeks in and feel wonderful the hip replacement was a success and I am pain-free. I would recommend Dr. Ramsey and Conway Medical Center to anyone. Thank you all!" – Marjorie H. 
"I had osteoarthritis in my right hip, unable to stand up straight and waling was very painful. After a hip replacement in June I immediately felt relief! I'm so happy to have my life back. A big thank you to Dr. Ramsey and everyone else involved!" -- Theresa A.
"I received the best care ever. The staff and physicians were very understanding and explained their procedures and the expected outcome. I have been in the medical field for over 50yrs. and I can honestly say, I would refer my friends to this group." – Claretta A. 
"Professional office, professional staff and a positive health care experience. Dr. Ramsey operated on my right hip with excellent results. Office follow-up visits have been easily handled, with proper attention by Dr. Ramsey, his assistant Chris and the rest of the technical staff. I am not overly experienced with major healthcare, but I have been impressed by the operations of Coastal Orthopedics." – Ken J.   
"I had a 6-week follow-up appointment with Dr. Ramsey after a total knee replacement. I felt he was relaxed and ready to answer all my questions. I have recommended him to others and will be sure to come back to him when I am ready for my next knee replacement." – Sharon D. 
"I have complete faith in Dr. Ramsey. He kind of brings a joie de vie approach to orthopedic medicine. I wish we could clone him as a GP and make him my one stop for health care." – John G. 
"Excellent. I felt well taken care of and enough time for questions and answers was allotted, and the supporting nursing staff is wonderful!!" – Dode W. 
"I had my left hip replaced in October 2012 by Dr. Ramsey. I was told of a different method for this operation from people at the rehab for the right hip replacement I had the previous year. That 2011 replacement was done from the posterior approach and entailed 5 days in the hospital, home care and 4 weeks of outpatient rehab.    I met with Dr. Ramsey and he described the anterior method; overnight hospital stay, walk out of the hospital with just a cane, little or no home care, and 2 weeks to return to activities. I found this astonishing and hard to believe.    I am happy to say that this replacement went exactly as promised. The difference in the two hip replacements were like night and day. All of the above plus a huge thing; setting my leg length to exactly match, and a small thing; taking a shower the next day instead of a week later. I have recommended Dr. Ramsey to several people and will continue to do so in the future." – Jerry S. 
"Could not want better care thanks to Dr. Ramsey and staff thanks so much." – Loretta S. 
"Shortly after my 64th birthday, I awoke one morning to find that I had developed RA. Having always had a very active lifestyle, I realized that was about to change. My GP got me through the next few months with various pain medications, however it became obvious that medication was not a solution to the problem. Work became more and more difficult and, as a lifelong scuba diver, I could tell that climbing dive boat ladders with a hundred pounds of gear would probably have to end. Another physician suggested I make an appointment with Dr. Ramsey and, as they say, the rest is history. Over a two-year period, he did total hip replacements on both hips. WOW! He gave me my life back. Whenever I meet someone with the same problem, I recommend they go see Dr. Ramsey." – Pete M. 
"My operation for my left hip, performed by Dr. Ramsey, was truly amazing. My pain was managed, my surgery site was healed beautifully, and I regained full use of my left leg and hip in an unbelievable short time. My doctor was personable, caring and informative. I was treated like a friend in lieu of a patient. The supporting staff, often overlooked, was fantastic and friendly. I have recommended him to all my friends and relatives, and will continue to do so." – Ruth W. 
"At the time I was a police officer and a member of the SWAT team but due to my hips being so bad I could not remain a member as it was extremely difficult to train. I was facing an early retirement until I met Dr. Ramsey. At the first meeting he viewed the X-rays and determined that my left hip was very bad even though I was only 58 at the time and my right hip wasn't far behind. We elected to have my left hip replaced in August of 2010 and if things went well the other would be replaced in November of the same year. The surgery went so well that I was only in the hospital two days one the first surgery and one day for the second. My rehab went extremely well and I was back to full duty on January 1, 2011. Even though my SWAT days were over I was able to function normally enough to pass all physicals and training to remain a Sgt. on lead my shift. I can't thank Dr. Ramsey and the therapist enough as I have been retired for three years now and do most anything I want to." – Davis C.    
"The service was, as usual, top notched.   Chris took care of me and answered all of my questions." – Virginia C. 
"I actually just left from seeing Dr. Ramsey today. He was very pleasant and very informative. He addressed my concerns regarding my knees and he came up with a plan that we are going to try if this does not relieve my discomfort then we are going to try a different approach. He knows I am not at the point of wanting to have replacement surgery because of my age and neither is he so we are going to try everything we can before we do this, he and his staff listen well and are very attentive. I would recommend him highly." – Joni J. 
"Excellent treatment from surgery to physical therapy. Would highly recommend Coastal Orthopedics." – Rodney B. 
"Very nice and thorough. Appointment was on time. Staff very friendly." – Karen H. 
"Everyone was caring and respectful. Dr. Ramsey was very informative and very caring about me so thank you and thank you all." – Cheryl N. 
"Had both hips replaced and Dr. Peter Ramsey made feed very confident that the surgeries would go well. I have claustrophobia and was very fearful of the whole procedure and the team at Coastal Orthopedics was able to make me feel comfortable with all parts of the process. I found all the doctors and staff at Coastal Orthopedics to be very professional." – Sebastian C. 
"I am very pleased with my knee replacement surgery performed on October 5, 2015 by Doctor Ramsey. Nurse Amy who did the pre-op on Monday morning was especially helpful and professional in answering questions and making sure I was comfortable. After my surgery the nurses and staff were excellent and always close by and checking on me. The physical therapists took time to answer all my PT questions and made sure I was comfortable.   I was impressed that Doctor Ramsey called me the night before surgery and  inquired that I was ready to have the surgery the next day." – Ron D.      
"I had a very positive visit with Dr. Ramsey. Would chose him again." – William D. 
“Before my surgery on May 5, 2014, I was almost crippled with a severe left hip problem. Needless to say an old softball (double-fracture) knee injury from 30 years ago. I'm 54 and started going downhill in January 2014, and have been a gym rat for 13 plus years. I was unable to walk without a cane, bend over, and was in severe pain. I was unable to even drive or ride in an auto without pain. Then, Dr. Ramsey took it from there. I had a total hip replacement. He said it was probably one of the most severe cases he had dealt with. I put my hope, faith, and trust in Dr. Ramsey's hands, and with his great experience, professionalism, and his personal care for his patients along with the great staff in the office and the awesome physical therapy team on the second floor, I returned to work, walking without a limp, standing up straight, and have minimal pain just six weeks to date after my surgery. I have all intentions of having my knee fixed and would recommend anyone with hip or knee issues to visit Dr. Ramsey and allow him to assess your situation. You can not go wrong! His staff and everyone involved in my recovery treated me with the utmost of respect, kindness, and concern.” – Art U.
"2013 was a challenging year for me. I had right knee replacement in April and left knee replacement in October. I worked very hard at rehabilitation. I developed some scar tissue behind the left knee patella and I continued to work hard at rehab. I would go 18 miles per day on the exercise bike, walking, and lifting lightweights. In June this year, I completed a two-week trip to Germany hiking in the Bavarian Alps. Both of my knees behaved very well and I was able to complete all the hikes and climbed at least 2,000 steps in castles and church steeples. I still have a small amount of the scar tissue, but it continues to improve." -- David W.
"After living with pain in my hip and groin area for well over a year and unable to finish a round of golf, etc., I had a total hip replacement. I am now living without that pain and it feels like a miracle. After three weeks, I played 18 holes of golf. Now I'm waiting for the okay to start playing pickle ball. I certainly recommend this surgery to anyone. Dr. Ramsey is the best." -- Beth S.
"My name is Diana Miller and I am 60 years old. I've suffered from arthritis in both knees for the past 15 years until it got so debilitating it was painful to walk, stand still, and climb stairs. Doing anything physical was impossible which left me limited to pretty much just staying home most of the time except for going to work. I chose to have a double knee replacement at Coastal Orthopedics and chose Dr. Ramsey after attending one of his seminars. I was so impressed by the level of caring and accessibility of the entire staff from the director down to the hospital volunteers! Every step of the surgery and hospital stay was explained in detail and I came away from the pre-surgery class feeling like I was going to be well cared for as an individual. I was not proven wrong during my two days stay in the hospital. Everyone was top notch! It's been nine weeks since my surgery and I am still recovering, but I have come a long way from where I was. I have told all my family and friends what a terrific experience this has been with the staff of Coastal Orthopedics and I wouldn't hesitate recommending them to anyone needing joint replacement!" -- Diana M.
"What a delightful and full day I had at Coastal Orthopedics. Everyone was so helpful and fully informed me of what to expect during and after my upcoming surgery. I have never had such full attention and transparency before! It was a very good experience. Thank you to everyone involved!!" -- Rebecca R.
"Excellent visit. I moved to Conway from upstate New York and had to find new doctor. I'm glad I found Dr. Ramsey and Dr. Tupis. They both took their time with me and helped me very much. The nurses and everyone were very kind and helpful also. I am looking forward to my future visits. Thank you." -- Pete M.
"In February 2012, I had right knee replacement surgery. Another MB doctor did it.  It went very wrong from the start. I suffered for 1-1/2 years before I found Dr. Ramsey.  It was my blessing. He agreed to fix what had been wrong. In September 2013, he did a revision surgery on my right knee. He found that the kneecap was not attached properly and had separated from the implant. Dr. Ramsey corrected it and I am not totally healed. THANK YOU DR. RAMSEY. I cannot say enough about the confidence, skill, and knowledge he had about replacement knee revision. I felt very confident from the first time I met him." -- Mitchel M.
"Hip was replaced 1/8/14. I was ready to play golf again 2/21/14. I had a wonderful experience. Not nearly as bad as I thought it would be. Coastal Orthopedics has a great staff especially Dr. Ramsey." -- Gary C.
"Dr. Ramsey replaced my hip and my knee a year later. He did a wonderful job." -- Charles O.
"Last November, I had my right knee replaced.  During the entire process, Coastal Orthopedics treated me as a person, not a patient.  Everything went great.  So when it came time to do my left knee, it was a no brainer. Coastal Orthopedics will do my surgery again." -- Robert T.
"I am set up for a complete right hip replacement on October 21st. This will be the first of two. The second one will be done in the spring. I am a 43-year-old male. I have just moved to Myrtle Beach about two months ago from Upstate NY. I found out before moving that this would be my next step. Everyone on Dr. Ramsey’s team including him has been great. I am very comfortable in saying I have made the right choice with this team." -- Tony P.
"I am currently four weeks post op from Achilles tendon surgery done by Dr. Taylor.  He and Dr. Tupis have been excellent. The office and support of the staff have been superb! I am a registered nurse and spend long hours on my feet so I am hoping for a full recovery that will allow me to return to my current employer.  Prior to this injury, I had been a patient of Dr. Ramsey due to osteoarthritis in my right knee Thank you for your fine services and maybe I will be getting knee surgery someday in the future." -- Linda W.
"Dr Ramsey is treating my right knee problem.  He is understanding of my medical problem with my leg and has been treating my problem with proper meds.  An operation on my knee is in the future. He comes highly recommended by my neighbors and close friends. He listens to me when I explain my problems with my knee and has given me different options on treating my knee. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone who is looking for an orthopedic surgeon." -- Malvina M.
"I had a revision on my left hip on July 15, 2013. The operation was very successful. I have had relatively no pain during the recovery. This is quite remarkable seeing that I am a 77-year-old male. I would like to recommend that any one needing a hip replacement, contact Coastal Orthopedics and ask for Dr. Ramsey. I also had major rotor cuff surgery two years ago at Coastal Orthopedics and had the same excellent results. Hats off to Coastal Orthopedics. You have made my life more enjoyable." --Ray D.
"I have had occasion to visit both Dr. Ramsey and Dr. Tupis for treatment of injuries I received from a fall last year. I have been very pleased with the ability to obtain an appointment quickly and have been pleased with the care and concern shown to me and with prompt action to heal my injuries." -- Elizabeth S.
"Today is four weeks since my total left knee replacement on 8/14/2013 performed by Dr. Ramsey. After two weeks of in home care, and three visits to out patient physical therapy, I am doing just fine. As for my two-night stay at Conway Medical Center in their joint replacement department, I could not have been treated any better. The entire staff was very efficient in their performance. My pain level was low, much lower than expected. They were very accommodating by letting my wife stay both nights and making sure she was comfortable. In a few months, I intend to have my right knee replaced. I would not consider going elsewhere and I highly recommend Dr. Ramsey and his group as well as Conway Medical Center, who in my opinion are super." -- Raymond A.
"Dr. Ramsey replaced my right hip. He did a wonderful job. Only had a little therapy, and I was good to go." -- Charles O.
The excellent care and professional manner of Dr. Ramsey and his staff could not be matched anywhere. People ask me why I drive from Florence to Conway, and the care I receive at Coastal Orthopedics and Conway Medical is the answer - superb quality, skilled staff, and the genuine hospitality cannot be matched." -- Edith S.
"About five years ago I noticed I was having trouble mowing the lawn. It used to take me about two hours, then the time increased to almost half a day, then all day. It then became a two-day process, and finally I purchased a riding mower for a small yard. I just couldn't get the job done because of hip pain. I went to Coastal Orthopedics and found that I needed a hip replacement. I had my right hip replaced three and a half years ago and my life changed. I could mow the yard again, play golf again, and walk my dog again. Best decision I ever made. Last October I was playing golf and my left knee "popped.” I became instantly in severe pain and could not walk as I could not bear weight on my left knee. I again went to Coastal Orthopedics and my knee was treated with injections, but the injury was too severe and finally it came to a left knee replacement. This was my second joint replacement in just over three years. I took no time in making my decision. The pain was too much to bear, and I opted for a knee replacement. That was seven weeks ago this past Monday - the surgery was on May 20, 2013. After four weeks of recuperation and therapy I am doing great. I am pain free and although I am still exercising to get my strength back, I am playing golf again, mowing the yard again, and walking my dog again. Sounds like a repeating story, but again the second best decision I've ever made. Joint replacement surgery is a major surgery, but the benefits have far out weighed the pain I was in without having the surgery. The therapy is not easy, but it is well worth it to get your life back. The knee is a harder recovery, but worth the extra discomfort. I went with the belief that I would get out of the surgery what I put into the recovery and therapy. I didn't want to be just pain free, but have my life back - I got it back! There is no way that I can ever thank Coastal Orthopedics enough for the care I was given. My office visits were efficient, thorough, and my doctor was straight up. I appreciate that more than he will ever know. Thank you Coastal Orthopedics." -- John O.
"I was very apprehensive about my hip replacement surgery, but Dr. Ramsey was very assuring about what to expect. The class that was given before the surgery was most helpful and very professional. I was able to ask questions, and I came away feeling secure in having this surgery. "My stay in the hospital was short (26 hours) and I was able to walk and go home the next day. Yes, there is pain, but that is to be expected after surgery. My expreience was very good, and I believe it was because I did everything I was told to do to recover. I know every person is different when it comes to recovery.    "It has been 12 weeks, and I am walking three miles, three times a week and back to most of my activities. I have just a little stiffness. Thank you , Dr. Ramsey and Chis for your care." --June W.
"I came to see your group back in January 2013 for a problem with my right leg and ankle and my right shoulder.  I originally saw Dr. Ramsey and Dr. Taylor.  I was then referred to Dr. Tupis and Dr. Wilkins.  I would like to thank all of  you for the wonderful care that you gave me! I have since had weight loss surgery by Dr. Washington, and I have lost 68 pounds.  This has significantly helped my leg and ankle, but I am still going to MUSC as Dr. Tupis has arranged for July. I am also now working out at Planet fitness in Myrtle Beach, and that is also helping the arthritis in my shoulder.  I will be coming back to see Dr. Tupis for follow-up on my right shoulder after my leg is corrected. I remember what he said—that there was no need to work on my shoulder until I had two good legs to stand on!  I recognize that as him being a very good surgeon; one that puts the patient's most important needs first, and that is how it should be. Once again, thanks for everything!" --Kimberly D.
"Dr. Ramsey was extremely pleasant and reassuring during my recent visit. I can't thank him enough for seeing me as a new patient. The office staff was also pleasant as well." --Robert W.
"Dr. Ramsey & everone there did a great job on my knee (replacement). Please thank everyone there for me. Thanks again!" --Henry W.
"I had a right hip replacement in December performed by Dr. Ramsey.  The surgery went very well.  I was up and walking the same day and went home the next day.  I had physical therapy for six weeks, and today, I am 100% pain-free and have been since February.  I highly recommend Dr. Ramsey and would definitely have him do any future replacements I may need." --Donna Z.
"My experience with Dr. Ramsey and the staff at Coastal Orthopedics has been a pleasant one.  I had my right knee replaced in November  2010.  Although, the first couple of weeks were as any following surgery, I realized I had definitely made the right decision.  At three weeks out of surgery I remember thinking how much better the knee was than before surgery.  By the first week in January, I was able to keep my grandchildren, ages  6 and 4, for a week (with the help of my husband!).  I am now to the point that I need my other knee replaced, and as soon as I can work the surgery into my schedule, I will be making an appointment with Dr. Ramsey for a pre-op and surgery.  I would, with no reservations, recommend Dr. Ramsey for anyone thinking of knee surgery.  He is an awesome physician and surgeon!" --Sue L.
"Dr. Ramsey did my hip (I was very happy with it; great job) so I went to him to get his opinion on my knee, which another doctor did. I was very happy again. Great job. THANK YOU." --Alex D.
"I am so thankful for the wonderful doctors and medical staff at Coastal Orthopedics, and also hospital staff. I am walking without any help just days after surgery. No more pain. I'm over the rainbow. I would tell the world about my fabulous experience. Deepest thanks to all." --Cathy D.
"My experience with your practice is always a positive one.  I have been a patient of Dr. Haskin, Dr. Ramsey, and Dr. Watson, and all of them (plus their staff) have been most helpful and supportive." --Florence V.
"Before meeting with Dr. Peter Ramsey, I really had no reason, besides my dogs, to wake up every day. I was living in constant, severe pain at the age of 51. I met with Dr. Peter Ramsey for the first time in late summer of 2012. I know I'm not alone in saying that he did not make me wait or  beat around the bush. He came in quickly, talked with me for a few minutes (already had my X-rays, bone scan, etc.), and explained my options to me. I knew he had already studied my file because he did not miss a beat, and he let me know exactly what he was going to do to give me a better quality of life. That right there, showed me that he cares about each and every one of his patients, even right down to your time, and that is very refreshing and reassuring.   "Here I am now, April of 2013, and I'm better then ever. Dr. Peter Ramsey performed a total hip replacement, September  2012, and a total knee replacement, January of 2013. This man has given me back a reason to live. I am walking with  no cane, walker, or pain medication. In my eyes, Dr. Ramsey and Chris, who is also very caring, smart, and amazing, were  my angels. They really are a great team. They are amazing. From the time your appointments are given to you until the time you are released, everything runs so smoothly because of the amazing work not just of Dr. Ramsey, but the whole team. I would recommend Coastal Orthopedics to everyone and give them two thumbs up.   "I would like to thank Dr. Ramsey, Chris, Tasha, all the nurses on the wing, and anyone who had a hand in giving me my life back......THANK YOU ALL!" --Jacqueline W.    
"I am 55 years of age and have had difficulty with my left knee for many years. I have officiated high school football for 30 years and enjoy this activity very much. Recently I underwent a total knee replacement under the care and direction of Dr. Peter Ramsey. I am well on the road to recovery and hope to resume the avocation of officiating again this season. I am very thankful to Dr. Ramsey and the caring team of professionals such as Chris, Ann, and Tasha for providing me with such excellent care." -- Bryan F.
"Everyone there was wonderful. We are blessed to have medical service like this. Thanks so much!!!!!!" -- Henry W.
"I would like to commend Coastal Orthopedics for initiating a pump maintenance program when no other practice would consider it. I was forced to travel to New Jersey every two to three months for pump adjustments and refills. At first I was treated by Dr. Watson and then switched to Dr. Wilkins who not only treated my pain problems, but also diagnosed my sleep apnea, which I never imagined I even had.  Dr. Wilkins is the best. He is considerate, caring and a competent diagnostician. I was also treated by Dr. Ramsey who replaced my left knee after many years of chronic pain due to sports related surgeries. I must say that your approach to joint replacement is quite remarkable. From the first encounter with a nursing coordinator throughout the entire process I was impressed by the amount of information that I received regarding my treatment plan. After surgery my pain was well managed and physical therapy began immediately the next day. After two days of therapy I was discharged and began my recovery with home therapy and then to a rehabilitation practice for a short time. Thank you all." -- Marc N.
"When I learned I needed a total hip replacement, I made every effort to try and find the best-qualified surgeon to perform the operation. Being a very active 67-year-old most of my life I had to give up most of my activities including 30 years of tennis as time went by.  Walking and shopping even became a chore. Dr. Ramsey was the fourth surgeon I went to see and I knew he was the one after my first visit. Knowing the great outcome of another person, Dr. Ramsey operated on me and made me more comfortable with my decision. I definitely made the right choice. Dr. Ramsey, his assistant, nurse, and the staff at Conway Hospital were excellent. I have already recommended him to a few people who eventually will need a knee or hip replacement. Don't wait to have this procedure done. It will change your life. It's just been a month and I am getting better and better as each day goes by. Thanks to Dr. Ramsey and the staff at Conway Medical Hospital!" -- Marilyn G.
"My husband suffered hip pain that was limiting his ability to work and otherwise enjoy life.  After visiting Coastal Orthopedics and being evaluated first by Dr. Preslar, it was determined that he needed hip replacement.  Dr. Preslar turned him over to his colleague Dr. Ramsey. Without delay, Dr. Ramsey and his team studied X-rays and MRIs that had been done added some physical exams of their own and scheduled hip-replacement surgery. The surgery has been very successful and my husband was very quickly restored to activities and work. His treatment and care prior to, during and after surgery has been "top quality." The Coastal Orthopedics program from our first visit throughout and including hospital stay and care, doctors, nurses, any and all support staff, was more than we expected. We remember all with high regards and grateful appreciation. Tremendous thanks for a number one health-care program." -- Patricia and Floyd M.
"From the initial meeting with Dr. Ramsey until now four weeks into the process, I could not ask for a more positive experience. The pre-op workshop with Ann Vennell lowered my anxiety. She has continued to be there for me and answered my questions in the hospital and by phone since I came home. I will recommend Dr. Ramsey and his staff especially Tasha to anyone who has to have knee replacement. Thank you all for making a hard situation an easier one!" -- Florence V.
"This was my second total hip replacement within the year 2012.  My left hip was done in May and the right hip was done in November. My recovery from both surgeries has been remarkable with almost no pain and a very quick return to normal activity. My total hospital experience starting with all the pre admission tests, classes, etc. were very helpful and did much to alleviate any anxiety I might have had.  The staff is caring, warm, and professional. I can and already have recommended Dr. Ramsey and Conway Medical Center to several others who are now patients." -- John F.
"Dr. Ramsey performed a right hip replacement. Dr. Ramsey did a wonderful job and it could not have gone any better. Great staff, great hospital stay." -- Charles O.
"The complete experience from the first meeting with my doctor to the physical therapy staff people was great. The staff at Coastal Orthopedics all paid attention to my knee and me. Everything was so well coordinated and went so smoothly. The only issue is one that is pretty much unavoidable, that of waiting for the swelling to go down and being able to do deep knee bends. I only took painkillers for two days; I did physical therapy exercises at home on the floor. I was using a cane for one week from getting home; I was hitting golf balls two weeks, and riding a bike in three weeks. Thank you for the help." -- Robert S.
"I have arthritis in both knees with the right one being worse. I go until I feel that I can't tolerate the pain any longer and then I go for my shots. I have had only two maybe three shots in the left knee, but have had more in the right knee. My last visit was shots in both knees and the shots have helped tremendously. I am able to go up and down the bus steps much better. I am a special needs bus driver and going up and down the steps several times a day can take a toll on the knees. Thanks for the help and expertise of those working at Coastal Orthopedics! :)" -- Patricia S.
"I have had two knee replacements by Dr. Ramsey and I must admit it was a good experience. Before surgery I could hardly walk without pain. I could not play golf or dance which were my two favorite past times. In the hospital and at home I had minimal pain.  Nothing like the stories of many patients who had knee replacements. I was very impressed by Dr. Ramsey's credentials, especially his background in pain management. The hospital experience was exceptional as well. As a retired nurse and hospital administrator, I would highly recommend Dr. Ramsey and Conway Medical Center to anyone. Today I can walk, dance, and play golf without any discomfort at all. The only thing I regret is the many years of pain I had before I met Dr. Ramsey. He is compassionate and caring doctor as well as an excellent surgeon." -- Carol L.
"I liked Dr. Ramsey and all of the staff at Coastal Orthopedics very much. Thank you for all of your help." -- Henry W.
"I could not find another group better than Dr. Ramsey and the staff Coastal Orthopedics." -- Charles O.
"I developed arthritis in my hips, knees, and lower back at a relatively young age. When I was 62, while coming down from a three-step ladder, I missed the last step, and landed very hard with full weight on my right foot. Although I did not experience any pain at the time of the mishap, within the next few weeks I began walking with a serious limp because of the pain that had developed. Following a referral from my regular physician to Dr. Peter Ramsey at Coastal Orthopedics, X-rays showed that my right hip contained numerous bone spurs that were apparently damaged when I took my fall. A cortisone shot reduced the pain somewhat for a couple of months, but Dr. Ramsey advised that hip replacement surgery would likely be in the picture in the near future. I attended one of his seminars describing the surgery, then met with him again, at which this time he explained what was involved in my particular case. He said he would perform the surgery whenever I was ready. I waited a couple of months and realized the cortisone was merely a temporary means of reducing the pain, but I still walked with a limp. Accordingly, I made the decision to proceed with the surgery. Never having had a major surgical procedure, I was somewhat apprehensive about the unknown. However, my experience at the hospital was much better than I could have ever anticipated. Every person on the hospital staff that I encountered from admissions to pre-op, surgery, post-op, patient room, physical therapy, food-service and cleaning staff was courteous and professional. The food was great and my husband was permitted to stay in the room as much as he wanted, and I was permitted to go home the day after surgery. I was quite apprehensive about the spinal anesthesia, but even that went smoothly.  I awakened immediately upon completion of the surgery and was alert, without any nausea, headache, or pain. My surgery was scheduled for 8:00 a.m. I was ready to eat when lunch arrived at noon. Physical therapy came around 2:00 p.m., and I took my first steps with the walker, putting some weight on my right foot. I went home the following morning. Over the course of the next two weeks, a physical therapist came to my home three times. I spent one week using the walker, then graduated to a cane the second week, and did not need the cane after the second week (except for long walks). It was amazing to witness the healing of the body, especially the way the muscles gained strength steadily over the weeks and months. Five months after surgery I marched two miles in the Memorial Day parade and, after six months, I was given permission from Dr. Ramsey to begin riding my bicycle again. Now, at eight months post-surgery, I am riding an average of ten miles a day on my bicycle (just around the neighborhood in a flat area, and not in a race!!)...and it feels great." -- Sharon R.
"Dr. Ramsey replaced my hip six weeks ago. Prior to surgery, I was in severe and constant pain. Now, I find myself thinking, there's no pain! I am almost fully recovered and this is a life changing experience for me. I am so grateful for Dr. Ramsey and his skills as a surgeon and his ability as a physician. The entire staff at Coastal Orthopedics was exemplary in every way." -- Betty M.
"Several years ago I injured my right knee while at work. Several other physicians treated me. However, after the worker's compensation board upheld the denial of my ongoing treatment I needed to locate a new treating physician. Dr. Ramsey had treated my husband's broken leg and did such a good job I asked if he could take over treatment of my right knee. I have found Dr. Ramsey as well as all the staff in his office very professional, yet at the same time very friendly and compassionate. I realize one day I will probably need a total knee replacement, and I pray that Dr. Ramsey will still be around to perform the operation. Again, thank you all for the wonderful care and compassion you have shown to both my husband and myself." -- Virgina A.
"I discovered that I had arthritis in my left hip and right shoulder. Dr. Ramsey injected Kenalog in my hip and shoulder and it has helped a good deal." -- William L.
"I’ve been diagnosed with RA and OA for many years now. I am 74 and mother of six adult daughters and wife to a loving husband of 56 years. I was having an increasingly difficult time getting around from the pain in my right knee. My daughters were assisting with all of my activities daily such as dressing, bathing, and helping to bathroom. I had reached the point that I was wheelchair bound, as I could not put weight on my right knee from the pain. Dr. Ramsey did a total knee replacement in April. It is now August and I'm getting around better than I have in years and I have gained my independence back, which is an amazing feeling. I still require the assistance of a walker due to my RA, but to be able to lift my leg and bend my knee again is something I thought I would never get to do. It truly is the small things in life that matter most. Thank you Dr. Ramsey and staff at Coastal Orthopedics and Conway Medical Center from my family and I. What a difference you have all made." -- Christine L.
"This was the best hospital surgical experience I have ever had. The consultation and slide presentation were first rate and you knew what was to be done and how long recovery. The staff even had me up and walking the same day I had surgery. The next day was rehabilitation training and I was released the next day. I highly recommend Dr. Peter Ramsey and the staff who took care of me. Coastal Orthopedics is first rate." -- Richard E.
"I was having chronic pain in my left leg and knee down into my foot. I could not get up or down without pain. I had then gotten to the point where I could not have any type of quality of life dealing with this ongoing pain and while reading the local newspaper I saw an advertisement about Dr. Ramsey and his anterior hip replacement. My husband and I went to this seminar. I was very impressed and then scheduled a consultation with Dr. Ramsey. I had my left hip replaced on April 11, 2012 and I cannot put into words how much I thank God who gave me the inner strength to have this surgery and the courage to look into other means of the surgery.  What a change in my life. I can now walk at least two miles. I can use the recumbent bike and ride three plus miles. I have no pain. The care of Dr. Ramsey and his staff truly has made my life great again. Thank you Dr. Ramsey." -- Mary F.
"Dr. Ramsey, Tasha, and all the other nurses and ancillary staff provided quality care to our children last year when two unfortunate accidents occurred. Everyone was very knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful.  An extra special thanks to Tasha for her extra help in getting my youngest referred promptly." -- Brandi
"I work at another physician’s office and was making a referral for a patient to your office. After completing my referral, I asked if I could make an appointment for myself. I had been having pain in my hip that went down my leg for quite a while. In fact, I talked to the physician I work with and he gave me the name of what he thought it might be. Your staff was very courteous and caring. I explained to Dr. Ramsey what was going on and he told me that an injection might help with the pain. I can't say the shot was painless but it worked. The diagnosis was the same as my physician had said that it might be. Since that time, I have referred quite a few patients to your office. One thing for sure, when I start having pain again I will call to make an appointment. Your office has helped a lot of patients that have been having pain. Thanks for the work you do." -- Sharon L.
"Dr. Ramsey replaced my hip last October 19th, and I was walking the same day. Since then, I'm up to walking at least two miles a day, riding my Schwinn Air-dyne, working out at least an hour a day, and doing water aerobics. I'm 73, and with my new hip, I feel 20 years younger. Into my mid 50's, I raced BMX (Bicycle Moto-cross) you may have seen the sport during the Olympics. If we had a track nearby I think I'd take it up again. By January of this year, my wife and I went to Disney for five days with at least six hours of walking everyday, then went to Miami for an eight day cruise with lots of shore walking. It's just fantastic how I feel! Thank you Dr. Ramsey, your staff, and Conway Hospital!" -- Richard C.