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Erin E. Watson, M.D.

Verified Patient Rating: 4.87 (93 patient reviews and ratings)

The following are reviews from patients of Dr. Watson.

“Dr. Watson is a wonderful Doctor. She treats me with the utmost respect and always takes time to listen. I would recommend her.”
– Lori S.
“Excellent Care.”
– Claude M.
“My Main providers in the practice are Erin Watson and Peter Ramsey which truly terrific, excellent and caring doctors. I also see Doug Vick on a regular basis who is a wonderful PA. He really cares about what you are going through. as a patient. I really never had to wait long to see him. He makes one feel comfortable. I would say the same for Peter Ramsey's PA Chris Kearny. I love all of their staff including their nurses: Nikki, Melissa and Briana. Everyone responds to my needs in a prompt fashion. Some practices make people wait for a long time o answers to questions or medication refills but not Coastal Ortho. I get my answers that day. The patient portal is a great tool in which to get information. Really a top notch practice. I have recommended the doctors to anybody who is in pain. Thank you all for taking care of me. I appreciate it.”
– Andrea M.
“I have seen Dr. Alci for a ALIF and PLIF, Dr. Ramsey for a bursitis in my right hip, and Dr. Watson for osteoporosis. I have found all three to be eminently qualified, personable and patient centered in their care. I have highly recommended this practice to anyone who says they are having orthopedic problems.”
– Helen S.
"I have utmost confidence in Dr. Watson. She listens intently to my complaint in a caring manner and prescribes a course of action to alleviate the problem." – Stanley K.
"Dr. Watson is the best doctor ever. She found my happy medium with regard to my pain. She educates and explains things that I can understand. Her bedside manners go above and beyond others. We consider her family. We love Dr. Watson." – Robert G.
"I highly recommend Coastal Orthopedics to my family and friends that have any Orthopedics issues. Doctors have always been very caring and thorough." – Cassaundra R.
"Very professional, attentive to needs." – William D. 
"Dr. Watson is an awesome physician. She really is an incredible example of a doctor who cares." – Robert S. 
"As usual, appointment went well. On time, concerns addressed and did not take very long." – James F. 
"Excellent care!!" – Tom D. 
"Dr. Watson is absolutely one of the best doctors I have ever had the pleasure of seeing!! She is very good at what she does and is very personable, listens to you as a patient, and works with you to figure out what is the best plan of action to take. The nurse and the rest of the staff at Coastal Orthopedics are awesome and do everything to help you through your medical problems!!!" – Warren M.
"Dr. Watson did my nerve studies and was very knowledgeable and patient with me." – Heather T.
"My experience with Dr. Watson is very GOOD. I feel she is the best. Her treatment plans exactly what help me to improve for a better lifestyle dealing with the chronic pain that I have. I'm very pleased with the help I received from Coastal Orthopedics. The staff is very friendly. I would recommend family and friends to visit Coastal Orthopedics." – S.B.
"I have had these facet nerve injections before by other doctors here in South Carolina and in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Dr. Watson by far has provided the best care and effective treatment for my lower back pain. I highly recommend this practice to everyone needing orthopedic care." – Gary T.
"Dr. Watson has been a God-send to me since back surgery several years ago. Both she and her PA, Doug, have treated continuing pain with patience and efficiency far above what I could have expected, suggesting alternate medications that did a better job of controlling my pain that a previous Rx. I'm 77-years-old, and the 60-mile round trip to my appointments are worth every mile spent on the road. I am so grateful for their practice!" – Carole E. 
"Dr. Watson is the friendliest and most caring doctor I have ever had. She has given me expert help in managing my pain and treatment. I also must also compliment her nurse, Melissa. They make a great team. I have been her patient for 5 or more years. There are places I could go for treatment less than a mile from where I live in Myrtle Beach, but I gladly drive to Conway (down busy 501) because of your offices. Thanks." – Marshall D. 
"I have two providers that are treating me due to a degenerative hip condition (Peter Ramsey and Erin Watson) along with their staff (Nikki, Chris, Melissa and Brianna) and everyone has been wonderful during my treatment. They are nothing but top notch. I get my questions answered in a timely fashion and the ease of which scheduling my appointments or getting refills on my medication is great. They show a lot of compassion and knowledge regarding my situation. They make a patient comfortable and give you the education and several options to make the right decision for what is best for you. I am very happy with the practice and I recommend Coastal Orthopedics to everyone I meet who have problems with their joints or injuries. I am grateful for the doctors and the staff for their care. Thank you Coastal Orthopedics for the wonderful care, you are the best and I appreciate it." – Andrea M.    
"Was excellent!! Treated me with respect and cared about my improvement! I will recommend a family or friend to her!!" – Paul
"I have been going to Dr. Watson for a long time for pain management, and it has been a great experience. She is very thorough and caring, and takes her time with me each time I'm there and makes me feel like a person, rather than a number on a page. Her conservative treatment has kept me comfortable and able to function productively even though I have severe arthritis. I highly recommend her and all the caring physicians in this medical practice." – Elizabeth B.
"Dr. Watson and her staff have a comforting way of making the experience of going to the doctors a positive one. I have never really had a doctor listen to my concerns and act on them right there and then as Dr. Watson has. The staff is always pleasant and sometimes funny but very professional, efficient and courteous. My experiences with all doctors and staff have been a positive one. Thank you for caring!" – Linda F.  
"Dr. E. Watson has been treating me for sciatic pain. She performed a RFA which was successful. Then I developed Piriformis muscle pain and pain below my right knee. She sent me to therapy . . . I have had great success eliminating my pain. Dr. Watson listens and proceeds from each inquiry as to my pain level and will prescribe pain meds, only when necessary. She gives alternatives to pain meds, allowing me to determine my own home care." – Michele D.
"I have been seeing Dr. Watson for a while now for pain management. She is always compassionate and dedicated and no matter how busy, takes the time to thoroughly evaluate and discuss my condition and treatment. She is always kind and considerate and I know I can depend on her diagnoses and treatments for the myriad of problems I present to her." – Elizabeth B. 
"My doctor does what is best for me the patient, I love my doctor. She's the best person for all my pain and complaints." – Pauline W. 
"I saw Dr. Watson's PA and I don't remember the gentlemen's name but he was very professional with his exam and interview. He was very pleasant and made me feel at ease during our time together. I believe he is an asset to your practice." – Mary J.   
"Dr. Erin Watson is by far the most compassionate doctor I have ever had in my life. Dr. Watson, Breanna, Melissa, and the desk staff are amazing and I miss them immensely." - Lisa R.
"Excellent. Dr. Watson is a very patient, caring, and competent physician." -- Leroy R.
"It was arranged for me to see Dr. Watson on October 14, 2013. I was seen promptly. Dr. Watson was thorough and explained the results of my x-rays and the reason for my lower back pain. She suggested a medication and I received the prescription form as soon as I reached the front desk. It was very efficient! Everyone I came in contact with during my visit was extremely friendly and helpful. I would recommend this practice to anyone who has orthopedic concerns." -- Peg J.
"My experience has been very helpful and has improved my quality of life. Before treatment, I wasn’t eating, could barely cook a proper meal, and properly clean my home. I couldn’t even enjoy my six-year-old son for activities. The park was even unbearable. I have and do recommend Dr. Watson to all. She is very sincere, helpful, and so is her staff. Although I’m not 100% yet, I’m a lot better than before and expect to only improve more. I’m so grateful for Dr. Watson’s caring attentive ways and for her kind staff. If it were not for Dr. Watson, I wouldn’t have been able too paint the cow shirt for my son for his play. I also wouldn’t be able to attend school on regular basis." -- Lisa R.
"Having been a caregiver for 8 yrs. to my mother and an elderly friend that I had taken in to live with me, I gained alot of weight (150 lbs) and depression had begun to set in. Both of the ladies passed away within 7 weeks of one another.  After that, I was on unemployment for three years and by then atrial fibrillation and spondylolisthesis were diagnosed. I moved to Myrtle Beach in 2010 and pretty much resolved myself to the fact that the good years were gone and this was how it would be from here on out. "I went to Dr. Erin Watson in March of 2013 for the first time for my back pain, and she arranged for me to go to physical therapy. Reluctantly; I went not expecting much to come of it. I had taken my elderly mother to physical therapy and watched as five repetitions of one exercise were done and ten of another, and I also knew others that had physical therapy for one reason or another, but no one seemed to think that it was anything miraculous to come from it. My physical therapy was to include time  in the pool to do my exercises. I weighed 407 lbs and had not been in a pool for many years and was not planning on ever getting in one again, but reluctantly again, I did. Those few short steps into the water have changed my life completely. Sure, I knew that when you're in a pool that you feel lighter, but I had not bothered to consider what that would mean to relieving pressure from my back and legs and body in general. After 45 minutes in the pool and doing some simple exercises and finishing with ten minutes of floating on my back, I was a reborn person. As I took the first step out of the pool, I felt all the weight come back on my joints and spine, and it was as though someone had put a 200-pound cape on my shoulders. I wanted to just get back into the pool. It was that experience that turned on a light in my brain and made me realize that I could get back to the person I once was. "Two weeks earlier, I had already started to make healthier choices in the way I eat and although I have not been on any scales yet, I know that I have lost weight. Maybe it's only 10 pounds or so, but it is enough that I have more mobility now and I can maneuver more easily in my daily routines. I feel better than I have in a long long time. Dr. Watson has brought me back from the brink of dispair. I have a very positive outlook for my future, and although it was only one session in the pool so far, I was feeling much better even the next day and was able to walk around with nowhere near as much back pain as usual. I can never thank Dr. Erin Watson enough for what she has done. I'm a different person and can see myself returning to the person I once was. I know there's work ahead, but with a goal for a healthier life, I believe I will succeed. Thank you so much." --Stephen P.
"My experience with your practice is always a positive one.  I have been a patient of Dr. Haskin, Dr. Ramsey, and Dr. Watson, and all of them (plus their staff) have been most helpful and supportive." --Florence V.