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In this section, you can read stories from patients we’ve treated about their experiences and recoveries under our care.

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Patient Reviews

Average Rating: 4.85
"Dr. Ramsey replaced my hip six weeks ago. Prior to surgery, I was in severe and constant pain. Now, I find myself thinking, there's no pain! I am almost fully recovered and this is a life changing experience for me. I am so grateful for Dr. Ramsey and his skills as a surgeon and his ability as a physician. The entire staff at Coastal Orthopedics was exemplary in every way." -- Betty M.
Treated by: Peter Ramsey, M.D.
"For several years I suffered with neck pain and headaches. Not to mention, had seen several doctors, yet nothing changed. About a year ago, I met Dr. Mills and within the first two visits he had diagnosed what might be the cause. I had three herniated disks in my neck. Dr. Mills did disk fusion and what a difference it made. Dr. Mills is a great physician. His bedside manner is such a breathe of fresh air in this era of "hurry up". I am very blessed to have him!" -- Johnny S.
"Several years ago I injured my right knee while at work. Several other physicians treated me. However, after the worker's compensation board upheld the denial of my ongoing treatment I needed to locate a new treating physician. Dr. Ramsey had treated my husband's broken leg and did such a good job I asked if he could take over treatment of my right knee. I have found Dr. Ramsey as well as all the staff in his office very professional, yet at the same time very friendly and compassionate. I realize one day I will probably need a total knee replacement, and I pray that Dr. Ramsey will still be around to perform the operation. Again, thank you all for the wonderful care and compassion you have shown to both my husband and myself." -- Virgina A.
Treated by: Peter Ramsey, M.D.
"I discovered that I had arthritis in my left hip and right shoulder. Dr. Ramsey injected Kenalog in my hip and shoulder and it has helped a good deal." -- William L.
Treated by: Peter Ramsey, M.D.
"When I was told that I had fibromyalgia, I was really unsure of what that was. However, the symptoms were everything that was explained to me. There was an article in the Sun News about a seminar at Conway Hospital given by Dr. Wilkins on "fibromyalgia" the new health problems that are showing up. That was me. My husband and I decided to go and see what it was all about. Dr. Wilkins tested me and talked to both of us at length about this condition and what it does to you and how to deal with it. I am coping with this condition and I am glad to have Dr. Wilkins on my side." -- Virginia P.
"I’ve been diagnosed with RA and OA for many years now. I am 74 and mother of six adult daughters and wife to a loving husband of 56 years. I was having an increasingly difficult time getting around from the pain in my right knee. My daughters were assisting with all of my activities daily such as dressing, bathing, and helping to bathroom. I had reached the point that I was wheelchair bound, as I could not put weight on my right knee from the pain. Dr. Ramsey did a total knee replacement in April. It is now August and I'm getting around better than I have in years and I have gained my independence back, which is an amazing feeling. I still require the assistance of a walker due to my RA, but to be able to lift my leg and bend my knee again is something I thought I would never get to do. It truly is the small things in life that matter most. Thank you Dr. Ramsey and staff at Coastal Orthopedics and Conway Medical Center from my family and I. What a difference you have all made." -- Christine L.
Treated by: Peter Ramsey, M.D.
"I am a 75-year-old man with shoulder and back pain. I had been to other physicians to help me with my back problems. Dr Wilkins helped me more than anyone else. He is willing to try several new ideas. He recommended physical therapy, prescribed Lidoderm patches, testosterone gel. All of these treatments have deceased my back pain considerably." -- Ronald C.
"I needed Dr. Mills to remove some hardware in my ankle that he had placed there several years ago after an accident. He was so kind and caring. I appreciated his professionalism and his time spent explaining answers to my questions. The entire office staff at Coastal Orthopedics was helpful, friendly, and extremely efficient." -- Jan T.
"This was the best hospital surgical experience I have ever had. The consultation and slide presentation were first rate and you knew what was to be done and how long recovery. The staff even had me up and walking the same day I had surgery. The next day was rehabilitation training and I was released the next day. I highly recommend Dr. Peter Ramsey and the staff who took care of me. Coastal Orthopedics is first rate." -- Richard E.
Treated by: Peter Ramsey, M.D.
"I was having chronic pain in my left leg and knee down into my foot. I could not get up or down without pain. I had then gotten to the point where I could not have any type of quality of life dealing with this ongoing pain and while reading the local newspaper I saw an advertisement about Dr. Ramsey and his anterior hip replacement. My husband and I went to this seminar. I was very impressed and then scheduled a consultation with Dr. Ramsey. I had my left hip replaced on April 11, 2012 and I cannot put into words how much I thank God who gave me the inner strength to have this surgery and the courage to look into other means of the surgery.  What a change in my life. I can now walk at least two miles. I can use the recumbent bike and ride three plus miles. I have no pain. The care of Dr. Ramsey and his staff truly has made my life great again. Thank you Dr. Ramsey." -- Mary F.
Treated by: Peter Ramsey, M.D.