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Thank you for choosing Coastal Orthopedics for your care. We take pride in helping our patients overcome injuries, relieve pain, and return to active, healthy lifestyles.

In this section, you can read stories from patients we’ve treated about their experiences and recoveries under our care.

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Patient Reviews

Average Rating: 4.85
"I had therapy on the left shoulder in the summer and fall of 2012. I had surgery on the right shoulder in August of 2013. I requested physical therapy right after surgery. Dr. Tupis agreed and got me signed in. The physical therapy of Coastal Orthopedics has helped me twice now. Two skilled and very well trained ladies, Santina & Jennifer, are both very persistent and thorough in their treatment for me. This is a great place for rehab. From my observations, I see caring and professionalism by all the staff. They truly are a great group of folks. Many thanks!" -- Bill T.
"Dr Ramsey is treating my right knee problem.  He is understanding of my medical problem with my leg and has been treating my problem with proper meds.  An operation on my knee is in the future. He comes highly recommended by my neighbors and close friends. He listens to me when I explain my problems with my knee and has given me different options on treating my knee. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone who is looking for an orthopedic surgeon." -- Malvina M.
Treated by: Peter Ramsey, M.D.
"I had a revision on my left hip on July 15, 2013. The operation was very successful. I have had relatively no pain during the recovery. This is quite remarkable seeing that I am a 77-year-old male. I would like to recommend that any one needing a hip replacement, contact Coastal Orthopedics and ask for Dr. Ramsey. I also had major rotor cuff surgery two years ago at Coastal Orthopedics and had the same excellent results. Hats off to Coastal Orthopedics. You have made my life more enjoyable." --Ray D.
Treated by: Peter Ramsey, M.D.
"The staff and doctors are great! I had to have a total left knee replacement. The doctor and staff made my experience as comfortable as possible. They were always available if I needed them or had any concerns. I wouldn't have had it done anywhere else.  Thank You Coastal Orthopedics!" -- Edith S.
"I have had occasion to visit both Dr. Ramsey and Dr. Tupis for treatment of injuries I received from a fall last year. I have been very pleased with the ability to obtain an appointment quickly and have been pleased with the care and concern shown to me and with prompt action to heal my injuries." -- Elizabeth S.
Treated by: Peter Ramsey, M.D.
"I am one year post ILIF surgery. I had two discs that needed to be replaced after falling hard on concrete. Dr. Mills, his interns, and staff were there to give excellent care as I walked through my recovery period. I am very thankful for the best of care and would very highly recommend this office to everyone needing orthopedic care. Thanks Dr. Mills, you're the best!!" -- Kathy W.
"Today is four weeks since my total left knee replacement on 8/14/2013 performed by Dr. Ramsey. After two weeks of in home care, and three visits to out patient physical therapy, I am doing just fine. As for my two-night stay at Conway Medical Center in their joint replacement department, I could not have been treated any better. The entire staff was very efficient in their performance. My pain level was low, much lower than expected. They were very accommodating by letting my wife stay both nights and making sure she was comfortable. In a few months, I intend to have my right knee replaced. I would not consider going elsewhere and I highly recommend Dr. Ramsey and his group as well as Conway Medical Center, who in my opinion are super." -- Raymond A.
Treated by: Peter Ramsey, M.D.
"Dr. Ramsey replaced my right hip. He did a wonderful job. Only had a little therapy, and I was good to go." -- Charles O.
Treated by: Peter Ramsey, M.D.
The excellent care and professional manner of Dr. Ramsey and his staff could not be matched anywhere. People ask me why I drive from Florence to Conway, and the care I receive at Coastal Orthopedics and Conway Medical is the answer - superb quality, skilled staff, and the genuine hospitality cannot be matched." -- Edith S.
Treated by: Peter Ramsey, M.D.
"About five years ago I noticed I was having trouble mowing the lawn. It used to take me about two hours, then the time increased to almost half a day, then all day. It then became a two-day process, and finally I purchased a riding mower for a small yard. I just couldn't get the job done because of hip pain. I went to Coastal Orthopedics and found that I needed a hip replacement. I had my right hip replaced three and a half years ago and my life changed. I could mow the yard again, play golf again, and walk my dog again. Best decision I ever made. Last October I was playing golf and my left knee "popped.” I became instantly in severe pain and could not walk as I could not bear weight on my left knee. I again went to Coastal Orthopedics and my knee was treated with injections, but the injury was too severe and finally it came to a left knee replacement. This was my second joint replacement in just over three years. I took no time in making my decision. The pain was too much to bear, and I opted for a knee replacement. That was seven weeks ago this past Monday - the surgery was on May 20, 2013. After four weeks of recuperation and therapy I am doing great. I am pain free and although I am still exercising to get my strength back, I am playing golf again, mowing the yard again, and walking my dog again. Sounds like a repeating story, but again the second best decision I've ever made. Joint replacement surgery is a major surgery, but the benefits have far out weighed the pain I was in without having the surgery. The therapy is not easy, but it is well worth it to get your life back. The knee is a harder recovery, but worth the extra discomfort. I went with the belief that I would get out of the surgery what I put into the recovery and therapy. I didn't want to be just pain free, but have my life back - I got it back! There is no way that I can ever thank Coastal Orthopedics enough for the care I was given. My office visits were efficient, thorough, and my doctor was straight up. I appreciate that more than he will ever know. Thank you Coastal Orthopedics." -- John O.
Treated by: Peter Ramsey, M.D.