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Thank you for choosing Coastal Orthopedics for your care. We take pride in helping our patients overcome injuries, relieve pain, and return to active, healthy lifestyles.

In this section, you can read stories from patients we’ve treated about their experiences and recoveries under our care.

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Patient Reviews

Average Rating: 4.85
"Having nursed my late husband through a particularly difficult back surgery, I was not looking forward to that option when I fractured two vertebras while working in the yard.  Over a period of 5 years, I tried nerve root blocks and epidurals with short-term to no success and a lot of frustration. I was informed that my problem was compounded by spinal stenosis, which created a progressively debilitating problem of its own. At age 75, and following my husband’s death, I decided I needed to do something to make myself more self-reliant, and was referred to Dr. William Mills by my primary physician. He and his staff pointed out a rather recent development in lower back procedure, ILIF, with a minimally invasive surgery, and a brief recovery. I entered the hospital on Thursday, and returned home, virtually pain-free on Saturday. Six months later, I'm so thrilled with my recovery and I'm back to doing Yoga and a little Zumba.  I've got my life back and only wish I'd done this much sooner. Thank you Dr. Mills and staff!" -- Carole D.
"Excellent visit. I moved to Conway from upstate New York and had to find new doctor. I'm glad I found Dr. Ramsey and Dr. Tupis. They both took their time with me and helped me very much. The nurses and everyone were very kind and helpful also. I am looking forward to my future visits. Thank you." -- Pete M.
Treated by: Peter Ramsey, M.D.
"I have had trouble with my right knee for at least 5 years. Activities have been slowly from running to " I can't shop both departments at Wal-Mart at one time." I researched for someone to help. I chose Coastal Orthopedics. I found Dr. Peter Ramsey.  It is not possible to tell anyone of this experience. Walking in saying what my name is, to all in sight waving goodbye. The staff at Coastal Orthopedics is experienced, caring, and there to give you what you need before you know you need it. This care has me looking forward to line dancing in a couple months. Thank you one and all." -- P. Gail D.
"My experience any time I have visited the Coastal Orthopedics has always been pleasant. The wait is minimal. All those who work with the doctors are always courteous and accommodating. Dr. Tupis is just great and his nurse Misty is a wealth of information. I experienced very little pain after the surgery and I am healing quite well. I would recommend this office and it's specialists to anyone who asks." -- Elizabeth S.
"Hello! First I would like to say, I love Coastal Orthopedics! They have been fantastic in all categories of care with not only myself, but my children, whom have had injuries as well.  Although their injuries were minor and temporary, one with a jammed thumb and one with a fractured forearm, they could be seen immediately and with exceptional care. The staff was extremely friendly and played with my children, which made them very comfortable in what was originally a scary experience!  My experience with Coastal Orthopedics could not have come any sooner! I'm an 18-year hairdresser/barber and I own my own business alone. Having said that, I never though in my wildest dream that at 35 years old, I would be having immediate unexpected neck surgery. On April 1st, 2013, I awoke to not being able to lift my head, neck, or left arm. After many doctor visits, a couple of ER visits, 2 pain injections by my doctor, and numerous chiropractic visits, while all were requesting an MRI, my insurance company kept denying me because I had not been in an "accident!” Really? By the end of the month, I was ready to die. I was in so much pain. I was living off of pain meds, couldn't work, drive, or even function as a wife or mother. It was awful! That's when someone recommended me to Coastal Orthopedics! When calling, I was able to see Dr. Mills the next day. After coming in and meeting Dr. Mills and explaining my ordeal, he immediately requested and got me approved for an MRI! The next day, he called me with my results, explaining to me that not only did I have one of the worst herniated bulging discs, C 5/6  in someone's neck that he had ever seen, but that my nerve in my left arm that goes from my spine to my thumb was being severely pinched/entangled somewhat in these discs. He didn't know how I was even functioning! I explained I wasn't really without lots and lots of pain, muscle and nerve meds, I wouldn't have survived the pain. I was unbearable! I had immediate surgery 2 days later. There was no question, "do I want surgery.” It was, “when should I be there?”  I was completely miserable! April 30th was my surgery day and I wouldn’t say it was painless, but my arm was immediately relieved. I was sore from the trauma from waiting so long but immediate relief! After a few weeks of recovery and several weeks of physical therapy, I was a million times better! Back to work (after 2 months of my business being closed!) and normal again!   January 18th. I awoke again to not being able to lift my arm, except this time, it was my right arm, my dominant arm.  I thought I must have slept on it but as the day went on, it was worse and worse. I messaged Dr. Mills’ physician assistant, which is the most wonderful, helpful, medical provider I've ever met. She is always ready to help and offers me encouragement, advice, and care anytime I call or message her. She quickly returned my call and told me to come in first thing the following business day. Monday morning, I saw Dr Mills. With my history and symptoms, I was able to have an MRI right away and found out that again, I had the same problem! This time, it was C 6/7 and my right arm nerve being severely pinched! We couldn't believe it!! So here we go again, out of work, surgery, recovery, and therapy! Dr. Mills explained that sometimes C 5/6, and C 6/7 are affected by each other and when one is bad the other overcompensates. Usually it doesn't happen this soon but with my career and kind of work, it could happen. My surgery was January 24th and this time, because I was more aware of recovery and what to expect, it was a little easier to handle. Dr. Mills, his physician assistant, and the nurse Angela have all been fantastic!! I'm recovering now. The care and checkups have all been very encouraging! I will always use Coastal Orthopedics for all of our needs! I'm so thankful for them and all of their wonderful staff!!" -- Jamie A.     
"In February 2012, I had right knee replacement surgery. Another MB doctor did it.  It went very wrong from the start. I suffered for 1-1/2 years before I found Dr. Ramsey.  It was my blessing. He agreed to fix what had been wrong. In September 2013, he did a revision surgery on my right knee. He found that the kneecap was not attached properly and had separated from the implant. Dr. Ramsey corrected it and I am not totally healed. THANK YOU DR. RAMSEY. I cannot say enough about the confidence, skill, and knowledge he had about replacement knee revision. I felt very confident from the first time I met him." -- Mitchel M.
Treated by: Peter Ramsey, M.D.
"Excellent. Dr. Watson is a very patient, caring, and competent physician." -- Leroy R.
Treated by: Erin E. Watson, M.D.
"Hip was replaced 1/8/14. I was ready to play golf again 2/21/14. I had a wonderful experience. Not nearly as bad as I thought it would be. Coastal Orthopedics has a great staff especially Dr. Ramsey." -- Gary C.
Treated by: Peter Ramsey, M.D.
"Dr. Ramsey replaced my hip and my knee a year later. He did a wonderful job." -- Charles O.
Treated by: Peter Ramsey, M.D.
"No one likes to have to go to doctors or have to have surgery.  I have never ever come across a better doctor than Dr. Mills, his entire office staff, and his surgical staff.  He is a wonderful doctor, who truly cares about his patients, and gives each and every one of his patients the individual care that they need.  I would recommend Dr. Mills to anyone and everyone who is having back problems.  I couldn't walk for almost 6 months and was in severe pain due to bone on bone friction in my low back. The day after surgery, I no longer had back pain and it is wonderful to feel that I can be productive again and live my life.  No amount of thank you's can express how I feel about Dr. Mills giving me my life back.  God bless you, your entire staff, surgical team, and Coastal Orthopedics.  My wife and I would never go anywhere else with back problems. Dr. Mills  "has your back" (literally.)" -- Steve O.