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Thank you for choosing Coastal Orthopedics for your care. We take pride in helping our patients overcome injuries, relieve pain, and return to active, healthy lifestyles.

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Patient Reviews

Average Rating: 4.85
"On November 20, 2014, I had an ALIF surgey preformed by Dr Mills. The care concern by everyone was fantastic. From the start of office visits to the day of surgery everyone was great. The care concern and true feelings of myself and family was their priority. Dr. Mills and Dr. Sasser were the best doctors that I have had dealings with. Both were straight forward direct and their talents in surgery are the best that I have encountered. I would recomend both doctors and the Conway Hospital to all." - Andrew C.
"Dr. Tupis did rotator cuff surgery on me a few months ago, and I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Tupis and Misty. Dr. Tupis is very kind and caring. I think he is an excellent surgeon. Dr. Tupis never rushed me through a visit, spent time explaining the procedure and recovery, and always gave me enough time to ask my questions. Misty was always at the other end of the phone if I needed anything, and that is very comforting. I have and will continue to recommend Dr. Tupis to everyone." -- Marlene P.
“Before my surgery on May 5, 2014, I was almost crippled with a severe left hip problem. Needless to say an old softball (double-fracture) knee injury from 30 years ago. I'm 54 and started going downhill in January 2014, and have been a gym rat for 13 plus years. I was unable to walk without a cane, bend over, and was in severe pain. I was unable to even drive or ride in an auto without pain. Then, Dr. Ramsey took it from there. I had a total hip replacement. He said it was probably one of the most severe cases he had dealt with. I put my hope, faith, and trust in Dr. Ramsey's hands, and with his great experience, professionalism, and his personal care for his patients along with the great staff in the office and the awesome physical therapy team on the second floor, I returned to work, walking without a limp, standing up straight, and have minimal pain just six weeks to date after my surgery. I have all intentions of having my knee fixed and would recommend anyone with hip or knee issues to visit Dr. Ramsey and allow him to assess your situation. You can not go wrong! His staff and everyone involved in my recovery treated me with the utmost of respect, kindness, and concern.” – Art U.
Treated by: Peter Ramsey, M.D.
"2013 was a challenging year for me. I had right knee replacement in April and left knee replacement in October. I worked very hard at rehabilitation. I developed some scar tissue behind the left knee patella and I continued to work hard at rehab. I would go 18 miles per day on the exercise bike, walking, and lifting lightweights. In June this year, I completed a two-week trip to Germany hiking in the Bavarian Alps. Both of my knees behaved very well and I was able to complete all the hikes and climbed at least 2,000 steps in castles and church steeples. I still have a small amount of the scar tissue, but it continues to improve." -- David W.
Treated by: Peter Ramsey, M.D.
"After living with pain in my hip and groin area for well over a year and unable to finish a round of golf, etc., I had a total hip replacement. I am now living without that pain and it feels like a miracle. After three weeks, I played 18 holes of golf. Now I'm waiting for the okay to start playing pickle ball. I certainly recommend this surgery to anyone. Dr. Ramsey is the best." -- Beth S.
Treated by: Peter Ramsey, M.D.
"My name is Diana Miller and I am 60 years old. I've suffered from arthritis in both knees for the past 15 years until it got so debilitating it was painful to walk, stand still, and climb stairs. Doing anything physical was impossible which left me limited to pretty much just staying home most of the time except for going to work. I chose to have a double knee replacement at Coastal Orthopedics and chose Dr. Ramsey after attending one of his seminars. I was so impressed by the level of caring and accessibility of the entire staff from the director down to the hospital volunteers! Every step of the surgery and hospital stay was explained in detail and I came away from the pre-surgery class feeling like I was going to be well cared for as an individual. I was not proven wrong during my two days stay in the hospital. Everyone was top notch! It's been nine weeks since my surgery and I am still recovering, but I have come a long way from where I was. I have told all my family and friends what a terrific experience this has been with the staff of Coastal Orthopedics and I wouldn't hesitate recommending them to anyone needing joint replacement!" -- Diana M.
Treated by: Peter Ramsey, M.D.
"What a delightful and full day I had at Coastal Orthopedics. Everyone was so helpful and fully informed me of what to expect during and after my upcoming surgery. I have never had such full attention and transparency before! It was a very good experience. Thank you to everyone involved!!" -- Rebecca R.
Treated by: Peter Ramsey, M.D.
"In August of 2008, my family and I were set to travel to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in Western North Carolina/Eastern Tennessee. The only stop needed before our trip was to see Dr. Wilkins at Coastal Orthopedics for my pain management check-up. Dr. Wilkins came in and asked if I was having any issues different than the norm and I informed him that I had been having dull pains in my calf, followed by a cramp in my foot that would NOT go away. He examined my foot and told me "Either you have one heck of a case of plantar fasciitis, or you have a blood clot." I said, "Doc, we are leaving for vacation." He said, "Not until you have a sonogram in the ER." I told him I would walk down there and he said," No, we will wheelchair you there." Sure enough, I had a deep vein thrombosis, or blood clot, in my right leg and was admitted for a 5-day stay in the hospital! Our vacation was ruined, but Dr. Wilkins possibly saved my life, as the drive to the mountains could have caused the clot to dislodge and become a pulmonary embolism. In February 2013, my right leg broke under my own weight. After a barrage of testing, Dr. Wilkins found that I was low in testosterone and Vitamin D. I trust Coastal Orthopedics with my chronic pain issues, and always feel that they truly care about my well-being." -- Shane C.
“In January 2014, Dr. Mills operated on my cervical spine. I had been in pain for months before learning what my neck problems were. It was not until an office consultation with Dr. Mills that I was told the pain and numbness down my arm could be corrected with surgery. Dr. Mills recommended an Anterior Cervical Discectomy Fusion. The most memorable thought I had at that moment was, “If someone rolled an operating table in here, I'd jump on it." That's how much I needed relief from the pain down my arm. Listening to Dr. Mills made me anxious for surgery. Never thought anyone would welcome surgery, but I did. Dr. Mills explained everything about the procedure; some areas in my neck required repair or replacement (from C2 to C6); there were problems with a bulging disc and degenerative vertebrae; and a more serious spinal cord and nerve were compressed outside the spinal column at a bulging disc. I went home knowing I found the right orthopedic surgeon for my problems. I was very happy about scheduling this surgery because I was confident I would wake up pain-free. Dr. Mills had explained the risks of this surgery, but I chose the pain-free version. It turned out, I was aware my pain was gone immediately after surgery. My thoughts again, "This is a miracle.” Thank you to Dr. Mills, your OR Team, and all the nurses and assistants. My family, my neighbors, my church friends, and a few strangers all know I had an excellent surgeon and a wonderful experience at Coastal Orthopedics. Thank you, Dr. Mills.” – J.T., via Vitals.com
"My final appointment with Dr. Tupis was Friday, April 4. This was to make sure my shoulder surgery was healing well and my range of motion and strength was proceeding on schedule.  Dr. Tupis released me with instructions to continue the strengthening and stretching on my own. At the risk of repeating myself, the wait time for my appointment was minimal. Everyone associated with Coastal Orthopedics was courteous and helpful. Dr. Tupis is an outstanding surgeon. I would recommend him to anyone. This is a thank you to everyone who dealt with me and made all procedures run as smoothly as possible." -- Elizabeth S.