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Patient Reviews

Average Rating: 4.9
"I saw Dr. Watson's PA and I don't remember the gentlemen's name but he was very professional with his exam and interview. He was very pleasant and made me feel at ease during our time together. I believe he is an asset to your practice." – Mary J.   
Treated by: Erin E. Watson, M.D.
"I am very pleased with my knee replacement surgery performed on October 5, 2015 by Doctor Ramsey. Nurse Amy who did the pre-op on Monday morning was especially helpful and professional in answering questions and making sure I was comfortable. After my surgery the nurses and staff were excellent and always close by and checking on me. The physical therapists took time to answer all my PT questions and made sure I was comfortable.   I was impressed that Doctor Ramsey called me the night before surgery and  inquired that I was ready to have the surgery the next day." – Ron D.      
Treated by: Peter Ramsey, M.D.
"Dr. Tupis is wonderful to say the least. I am only 39 years old and am facing knee surgery. He is very understanding. He is also helpful when it comes to explaining procedures and compassionate when it comes to pain. I would recommend Dr. Tupis for anyone with problems at a young age." – Leslie C. 
"I had a very positive visit with Dr. Ramsey. Would chose him again." – William D. 
Treated by: Peter Ramsey, M.D.
"In October 2014, I had a total knee replacement done by Coastal Orthopedics. My husband and I had just moved here from Pennsylvania in March of 2014 and although I had been told a few years ago I needed a knee replacement, I was afraid to do it. When I saw my new PCP here in Conway, she referred me to Dr. Tupis. He showed me the X-ray of my knee and said I had bone on bone. After trying shots, I knew it was time. That was the best decision I could have made. Without a doubt, I would recommend Dr. Tupis and Coastal Orthopedics to anyone and I have. The care I received by Dr. Tupis and Coastal Orthopedics was outstanding. I now have my life back, I started walking again, without pain, was able to lose weight." – Roberta M. 
"After living with severe knee for 3 yrs and being unable to hike or ride a bike, I finally decided to do something about this situation. I wanted my life back. A friend told me about her wonderful experience with the Joint Replacement Center at Conway Hospital. I took her advice and called Coastal Orthopedics. Best decision I ever made. I met with Dr. Tupis and his wonderful staff. Dr. Tupis explained in fine detail what the problem was with my knee. He then told me every step of the process from the surgery, hospital stay, recovery and physical therapy. He addressed all of my questions and concerns. The conversation made me feel very confident that my knee replacement would be successful and that I would be well cared for during the process. I was not disappointed. His wonderful nurse, Misty King, was especially kind. The care I received was very professional and I am thrilled with my results. I will be ever so grateful to Dr. Tupis and his wonderful staff. My recovery continues with help and guidance of the fine physical therapist at the Rehabilitation Services at CMC. Thank you, Dr. Tupis, for giving me back my life." - Pat M.
"I fell 25 years ago down a 30 ft air conditioning shaft and did damage to my whole spine at the age of 38. I have suffered with the pain and have been unable to work since. Meds didn't help, except to take the edge off the pain. Doctors would look at my MRIs and just tell me my back was a mess and there was nothing they could do. I basically became a hermit due to the pain and was unable to stand, sit, or walk for any length of time. My wife and I came to visit some friends in Conway this past winter because the cold made me so much worse in Michigan. He had XLIF surgery 10 months before and the change was amazing. He had no pain, except when he would overdo it out in his wood working shop on a project and that was rare. Oh, I didn't tell you he is 84 yrs old. Before the surgery, he wasn't able to go out there for more than a few minutes. Anyway, he kept telling us to try and go see Dr. Mills, so we finally did. We are now thanking God everyday for our friends pushing us to go see him. Dr. Mills preformed XLIF surgery on my lumbar spine and I was up walking the halls the next day and in less pain than I had been in in 25 years. You are a miracle man, Dr. Mills, and we are so thankful to you for giving me back my life. I still have 1, maybe 2, more surgeries for him to fix my neck and possibly an area in the TSpine, but I am so looking forward to them so that hopefully with Dr. Watson's help also, I can finally be off all pain meds. Between Dr. MIlls skill and procedure and Dr. Watson helping to control the rest of the pain, my wife feels she has a new husband. We can go for walks together, socialize with friends, go camping, and other things I have hurt too bad to do in years. It is amazing to have a life again.Thank you, Dr. Mills for giving me my life back. I can't wait to come back in October for my neck surgery. God bless you and your staff." - Don H.
"After having to wait many months to see a doctor regarding a back problem due to circumstances beyond my control, I was finally able to be seen by Dr. Mills and his staff. The physical and emotional relief from pain began right away. I began a series of medicinal/spinal blocks from Dr. Erin Watson and physical therapy treatments to see if that would solve my problem. Unfortunately, I ultimately had to have surgery. But again, they all made it so easy for me before, during, and after surgery. All of my post-op visits went extremely well. Even when I experienced some pain and had to be seen,  Shan Fu, P.A., was able to get me in and address all of my needs and concerns. I did a lot of research before having surgery because the thought of having back surgery is pretty intimidating, but I feel very fortunate to have been treated by the team at Dr. Mills office. Every team member, from the receptionist to the nursing staff to the administrators, always went above and beyond to help. I would not hesitate to send anyone there for help or if I have any issues in the future I know right where I'm going. Thank you all so very much for everything." - Mike H
"I first saw Dr. Mills for an aching back in 2013. I had x-rays done and showed no signs of problems. In 2014, I had an MRI taken, which showed spinal stenosis and a herniated disc at L5/S1. At first, I did not want surgery, so I got second opinions from other doctors who pulled my chain and tried to make the situation out to be less severe than it really was. I lived in constant pain for 5+ years and it seemed that no conservative treatment options were working for me. I then decided to have Dr. Mills complete my surgery that he recommended, which was an ALIF procedure at the L5/S1 level. Up until my surgery date, I was absolutely terrified. I had massive panic attacks and anxiety. On the day of my surgery, I went in to CMC and the nurses took really good care of me and my anxiety and eased my mind. The next thing I remembered was waking up in recovery. I started feeling a LOT better! The pain I had been going through for many years was GONE! Dr. Mills, being the excellent doctor he is, FIXED MY PROBLEM! I am now 1 week post-op while writing this and I feel amazing considering what I had done to my body a little over 1 week ago today. I am able to walk and do my daily activities, but with some major restrictions to make sure I do not reinjure my back or anything. Of course, I still have surgical related pain, but that will heal. What is amazing is the fact that the pain I had experienced for so many years, pain I thought I'd have for rest of my life, is gone! THANKS DR. MILLS! I would recommend this amazing doctor to ANYONE who is going through back pain. Trust me when I tell you Dr. Mills can and WILL solve the problem if you just take his advice and trust his judgement. I did, and I tell you now, I would do it a hundred times over again because I know the results would be just as amazing as this time! Once again, I want to personally say THANK YOU to Dr. Mills and his amazing staff at Coastal Orthopedics for fixing the problem with my spine. You and your staff are literally lifesavers! Now, I will be able to be the daddy and husband I've so longed to be for so many years once I completely heal from the surgery. Thanks Coastal Orthopedics!" - Timothy S.
"Dr. Erin Watson is by far the most compassionate doctor I have ever had in my life. Dr. Watson, Breanna, Melissa, and the desk staff are amazing and I miss them immensely." - Lisa R.
Treated by: Erin E. Watson, M.D.