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Thank you for choosing Coastal Orthopedics for your care. We take pride in helping our patients overcome injuries, relieve pain, and return to active, healthy lifestyles.

In this section, you can read stories from patients we’ve treated about their experiences and recoveries under our care.

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Patient Reviews

Average Rating: 4.85
"Was excellent!! Treated me with respect and cared about my improvement! I will recommend a family or friend to her!!" – Paul
Treated by: Erin E. Watson, M.D.
"Doctor Ramsey and his staff were terrific! It was like taking a vacation for a couple of days! Seriously, it was a positive experience. The staff at CMC were excellent as well. I had both hips replaced and I'm back doing the things that I enjoyed before the onset of RA. I tell anyone that I meet that has joint pain, 'Go see Doctor Ramsey'." – Pete M.
Treated by: Peter Ramsey, M.D.
"I had total hip replacement (anterior approach) on 12/3/14. I must say this was the best thing I ever did for myself!! The office and Dr. Ramsey were very professional, personable, and it was overall a great experience!   I highly recommend Dr. Ramsey to anyone needing hip or knee replacements!!! THE BEST ON THE BEACH FOR SURE!!!!!!!!" – Janice W.  
Treated by: Peter Ramsey, M.D.
"I received a new hip from Dr. Ramsey in Jan. 2015. It was an A+ experience. I had extreme pain for 3 years previously. After surgery, I was walking 2 1/2 hours later with no pain. I went home in just over 24 hours. I used a cane for a few days but began walking without it soon. I was back to work on manual labor in 10 weeks. I felt 100% and still do. A couple months later I felt I was full speed and it's been very normal since." – William S. 
Treated by: Peter Ramsey, M.D.
"I had the opportunity to see him for my knee, and he did a good job. Conway Hospital is my medical center." – Michael C.
"I saw Dr. Alci because I was having lower back pain. He listened to my concerns and took the time to answer all my questions. He gave me different options so I could make an informed decision. I highly recommend him." – Donna Z.
Treated by: Erkan Alci, M.D.
"I have been going to Dr. Watson for a long time for pain management, and it has been a great experience. She is very thorough and caring, and takes her time with me each time I'm there and makes me feel like a person, rather than a number on a page. Her conservative treatment has kept me comfortable and able to function productively even though I have severe arthritis. I highly recommend her and all the caring physicians in this medical practice." – Elizabeth B.
Treated by: Erin E. Watson, M.D.
"This was a truly a great experience for me. I couldn't believe that I had surgery & the same day I was up walking the hall & the steps. I very little pain after the surgery. Now 3 weeks into my recovery I am beginning to walk by myself inside my home. I still use the cane outside for safety reasons only. I cannot tell Dr. Ramsey how much I appreciate everything he has done for me. Also the most important thing is that I can walk pain-free again." – Patricia A.   
Treated by: Peter Ramsey, M.D.
"Severe left knee pain, and chronic hip discomfort. Discussed options with Dr. Ramsey, and he agreed with my request for the MRI of my knee to try to determine the root cause of my issue. The hip issue was resolved with an X-ray. The knee required a cortisone shot - not surgery, so I was thrilled to hear that news. All of the staff assisting Dr. Ramsey were very thorough and professional, and handled me very efficiently. Overall, I very satisfied with everything, and give my highest recommendations." – Fred B. 
Treated by: Peter Ramsey, M.D.
"I saw the PA (lady) when I broke my ankle. First let me say Thank you for having the clinic hours. I had a prior tendon injury to that ankle years ago and thought the snap I heard that morning was a tendon problem. By early afternoon it was pretty swollen and painful so I called for an appointment. The lady I spoke with was wonderful and scheduled me in. I went straight to X-ray saving a lot of time! The PA was absolutely wonderful as was the other staff I saw that night. The MA was very thorough showing me how to wear the air cast and had me practice it. I appreciate your assistance in my unexpected time of need." –  April E.